Alyssa LOVES puppets. Sesame Street, The Muppet Show, Fraggle Rock, and even my own puppets that I have built over the years. She loves them all. Her favorite toys are all Sesame Street or Muppet related and when I bring one of my puppets into the room she loves interacting with them in real time.

Are puppets and Sesame Street trance inducing for kids?

I can only speak from personal experience and I think the answer is a resounding yes. Open up my iPhoto and start thumbing through some of my old pics from RottenPuppets and she begins to stare at the screen in either amazement or uncontrollable giggling.

It’s amazing the sheer power this holds over her at such a young age. Screaming and yelling? Whatever man. Grab that iPad or Nook and throw on a video for a quick minute from theĀ Sesame Streets website and she calms down in a matter of seconds. As much as she loves the Bubble Guppies, they or any other cartoon show for that matter just don’t hold the same grip as puppets do.

So this post really is more of a question to you the reader.

Do your children have an unholy union with puppets / muppets that you do not find they have with other forms of visual entertainment?