Do you want to get your kids up and dancing around while teaching them new moves with a great variety of music? Me too! We’ve been playing the 30 minute DVD from Sesame Street, Dance Along! a lot lately and it gets my little one amped up and ready for the day.

What’s the deal with Sesame Street – Dance Along?

It’s listed DVD release date says 2003 but it’s clearly a decade+ older than this and most likely a VHS conversion from the early 90s. What does that mean to you? Nothing other than it not being in HD. My kid doesn’t know the difference it’s just music and fun to her.

Our absolute favorite is our furry little friend Grover doing his disco dancing ABC routine. Alyssa just lights up for Grover and this skit/song was no exception. Some say this video is corny compared to the others and it does have a gymboree type of feel to it with 2 MC’s running the program. But I once again say who cares, my kid just loves the whole thing!!

Where do I get it? has it for $7.99 + shipping which is a good deal and you can probably pick it up at the local FYE or similar music/movie retail chains out there.


This is a winner in our house and 30 minutes is more than enough time keeping her busy to get all of the morning chores knocked out while she is dancing and clapping along to the show.