Every crafter no matter what your specific craft may be has a toolbox, or a workshop, to build their crafts. We all have very specific tools that may be used depending on the craft projects we’re working on but there are a few tools every crafter needs.

Quality matters!

You can get by with cheaper products from time to time and they work great as a stop gap until you get better quality, serviceable tools. That’s the real trick here, you want tools you have to maintain. This way you are in control of how long they’ll last and how well they perform for you.

Here’s my 5 most important crafting tools in the workshop

1 – Scissors

I’m a Fiskars fan through and through. For the price vs quality ratio they are without a doubt the top of the food chain. Sure you can get into pricier scissors if you really look for them but I don’t see the point.

Puppet Dad Tip: Buy the Fiskars scissor sharpener – Worth it’s weight in gold.

2 – Cutting board

There are quite a few quality brands of cutting boards available on the market. A lot of it will have to do with the following question.

Do you need a rotary or lever based board?

For my needs I wanted a rotary so I chose an X-acto brand board. It’s plastic, relatively inexpensive, and I believe when I bought it I used a 40% off coupon at Michael’s. I don’t use it a ton and it has remained sharp with it’s cuts. Best part is the cutting wheel is replaceable so it will get many years of service from Puppet Dad.

3 – Cordless Glue Gun

I have not really found 1 specific brand glue gun that is supreme but I have done through a few over the years. Being cordless though is a huge help and makes detailed glue work a snap. For my needs, especially with puppets less is more. A medium sized cordless glue gun is my go to weapon for things I can’t secure any other way.

4 – Cordless Dremel

2 cordless items in a row. I know, I know. I’m a MONSTER!!! I’ve been using Dremel tools for years on my cars, bikes, skateboards, house projects, you name it. I’m a huge fan of the brand. For my crafting and puppetry work the Dremel 7.2v Stylus is amazing. From sculpting puppet eyes to polishing metal the number of uses for the Dremel Stylus is never-ending. Adjustable speed is a huge advantage. What might melt one plastic will barely edge another.

5 – Patience!

This is the one tool you can’t buy. You *CAN* cultivate this tool over time though and for all of us who love to craft, design, and build things it can be the most important tool in your arsenal. Without patience your work gets sloppy.