After making 10-15 puppets I thought one day that I could BE the puppet. Perfectly logical idea and my mind was immediately set. The next question was the hardest one though…


I ran the gamut of ideas in my head, drew up a couple horrible stick figure pics, and eventually came to the conclusion I wanted to be the following: “A happy go lucky wolf who just wants to be friends with Little Red Riding Hood.”

Wolfun was born.

Crazy huh? Well, onward I went and the ideas kept piling into my little human brain. I needed feet, BIG feet, that was a given. Hands and sleeves needed as well. Head piece was without question going to be a full pull over piece and not a partial or mask. Lastly I thought a chest piece would be grand to wear under oversized clothes so I could leave it unbuttoned revealing my jacked wolf torso. Wolfun is one bad ass wolf and he’s ready to party.

Check out this progress gallery of the work from end to end. I never did a typical “Step by step” because it was a learning process for me and for every 1 piece I created there was probably 2 to 10 variations of it. Adding claws to the feet was probably the hardest part. They’re somewhat retractible and make a little click when you step but I can push them up into the foot cavity if I don’t want them all the way out.

Enjoy the pics of Wolfun and tell me what you think. I have lots more of the process I just need to go through the whole mess of it one day. 100’s of Wolfun images in the archives! Organizing my Photos app is one of those things that’s on the ‘i’m working on it’ list of TTD but who knows how long that will take, there are literally 10,000+ images if not more by now of various life and puppet things.