Is that a header banner with a Unicorn crapping out a rainbow? You bet your sweet sassy ass it is ya jerkies.

I’m coming to soon and it’s going to be epic. Some nights you’ll get me. Some nights you might get my pal Wolfun, or even Zibble. Who knows. Hell you might get a few of us at once for some real chaos and fun.

What the hell will you be doing on jerkie?

Hey you, cut me some slack jack!! I’ll be streaming via Mac playing some games like the new Heroes of the Storm, and then on either Xbox 360 or Xbox One. GTA V Online Heists is a must of course. We’ll see which once I get the hang of things here and start rolling the YouTube channel I’m planning to have accompany it. I’m also in the process of fixing my PC so I can open up the range of games I can play on the computer.

Writing is fun but I’m much more prone to ranting and raving in front of a camera. That’s my sweet spot I guess. Being a glorified idiot. So why deny the world the opportunity to have a good time and share a few million laughs with me and potentially Alyssa running in for her constant cameos and video bombs?

Stay tuned denizens. I’m coming.