Last night I started screwing around on Twitch with OBS on the Mac to stream some older games I play on here even though the graphics on my Mac are better (and screen bigger at 27″) than my PC. I have a bunch of games on Steam so I took to L4D2 (Left For Dead 2) and joined a random group for some shits and giggles.

My first time on Twitch is a bit of a mess!!

My mic was jacked, nobody could hear me. It was dark as hell in the room I’m playing in because I had the lights off for effect. I need to step my game up. But the reality is the stream WORKED and that was my main goal going into it last night. Test it and see if it is working.

The PC I’m still a bit off for being 100% Twitch ready. I do have all the audio bells and whistles covered already which is nice. MXL-990 mic on a stand with shock mount, M-Audio Firewire SOLO to plug into XLR jack, M-Audio Stereophile AV-40 monitor speakers to hear, and I even found an older pair of AKG headphones that I’ve had for ages because they still sound good (and have a 1/8″ stereo jack on it making for easy PC/Mac connectivity.) I think to stream on the PC I’m going to need a new video card (which I have since original article posting purchased.) The machine isn’t bad. HP Quad Core from 5-6 years ago, 8GB RAM, even had a TV tuner card in it. But I need a modern video card to play the newer games I plan on streaming. The Geforce 9400GT is massively outdated and not going to get me streaming well on Twitch anytime soon. 🙂 Next up I need to figure out what kind of cardslot I have and check out whats new and a good deal to get it started.

So yeah, fun stuff. Check out the video of me sucking at Left For Dead 2 and somehow getting gold. No idea how I lasted 1 minute let alone 10 after years not playing. Next time they’ll hear me haha.