I’m a huge Helloween fan. Something about them in the 80s captivated my mind, soul, and imagination. Their music transported me into another realm where everything was exactly how I hoped for it to be. Regardless of how life may have been at the time. There are only 3-4 artists where I can honestly say listening to their music probably kept me from going straight up nuts and Helloween of all bands is one of them.

Helloween has always been more than just another metal band, it’s about the human spirit and personal empowerment. Add in some in your face kick ass shredding guitars and sick drum work and you have something any metalhead kid is going to listen to into their 40s. At least for me that’s the case.

Knowing they have a new album ‘My God Given Right’ coming out in 6 weeks is just amazing. Last years Straight out of Hell was an instant classic and this new album is going for a heavy old school vibe and it just works.

From the YouTube link on Helloween’s channel:

‘My God Given Right’, the 16th HELLOWEEN Album, is out on: May 29 (EU), June 1 (UK) and June 2 (US). Get the record here:http://smarturl.it/HELLOWEEN-GodgivenNB.
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