I’ve been gaming since the old days of loading that Space Invaders CASSETTE into my Vic 20 and going to town, making my own snake games in BASIC on a PCjr, Atari, you name it. As a kid of the 70s/80s all that gaming goodness was just emerging and I was onboard for all of it.

Fast forward to 2015 and the gaming world has clearly changed. Now you have¬†games with hundreds of players on one server like H1Z1 Battlegrounds,¬†MMO’s, RPGs, Sports games that look as real as being in the arena, and more.

Why Clicker Heroes, why?

Then you have the other side of it. Steam is a haven for indie gaming and sometimes you find out that hits it out of the park. Other times, you find Clicker Heroes.

The point is to click relentlessly on your mouse. No aim needed, no purpose, just click. You can get DOT (Damage Over Time) and literally sit back and watch the game just play itself. I’m sure they made it as a joke, but man. The jokes on you if playing it for more than a couple of minutes.