The iconic Jim Henson TV series Fraggle Rock is returning, more than 30 years after it first was screened.

HBO is going to be airing a digitally remastered series. Straight from the originals we all enjoyed from 1983 to 1987.

Fraggle Rock is BACK!

Don’t know about the Fraggles? Here is a simple breakdown. Fraggle Rock follows the lives of three different creatures: the Fraggles, the Doozers, and the Grogs. How they all interact with each other and enjoy their lives.

Are you ready? The best part is Brian Henson supervised this entire remastering so you know the feel of the original remains intact. Sharpened images, cleaning up the contrast, and formatting for wide-screen are just a few treats to expect when it returns.

Relive the magic with the hit TV shows intro video: