A Quick Tease From Rotten Puppets

It’s only a 5 second clip but a renders shot of what is to come when Rotten Puppets releases the Steel Panther Puppet Parody of “That’s When You Came In” Enjoy.

Rotten Puppets Returns

Rotten Puppets Has A Triumphant Return!

In 2005 a dream was realized. With a crappy html site that was way too bright and a video camera using cassettes I started making puppet videos. Posting them to places like Break, DailyMotion, YouTube among others. Mild success, added a forums, sold some merch, and enjoyed providing a level of disgusting puppet videos not seen by most. Social media …

Spitzer Sex Tape

Governor Eliot Spitzer Sex Tape

The NY Governor Sex Tape scandal was huge in 2008. It was a magical time and place in my life where I was making filthy puppet movies for Rotten Puppets on YouTube. Why? I’m still not entirely sure, but it was happening! When our state governor got caught banging hookers? WINNING! So I made a┬áSpitzer Sex Tape puppet video, and …