Radical Heights Green Screen Flicker

Flickering Green Screen Fix

Common issue right now for folks in-game is the “flickering green screen” and it’s driving them mad! I too had the flickering screen glitch and for the life of me couldn’t figure out how to fix it. I saw a post on the official Radical Heights forums and new I totally had to share this with you. OMG my screen …

Radical Heights Arcade

Improve FPS in Radical Heights on Low/Medium end machines

Looking to get that extra boost in Radical Heights? We all are! The game is X-TREME Early Access and with that optimizations just have not happened yet. Give them slack, it’s Day 3 here 🙂 Here’s a great tip to squeek out a few extra frames since Radical Heights is based on the Unreal Engine. Every bit counts.

Radical Heights on Liquid Sky – Does it play?

Well I tried it today on the “Gamer” server setting aka 1 credit per minute, and here are the results. This was a simple “record video” using the built in tool Liquid Sky provides. I’m just happy to play. My computer with their current optimizations is not working at all. Even though games like Fortnite and World of Warships play …

A Quick Tease From Rotten Puppets

It’s only a 5 second clip but a renders shot of what is to come when Rotten Puppets releases the Steel Panther Puppet Parody of “That’s When You Came In” Enjoy.

Steven's Puppets

4 Foam Fingers – Stevens Puppets

1 – Where did you get your start in Puppetry? Was there a moment where you knew puppets would consume your life? We started 22 years ago by answering an ad in the local newspaper in Elkhart, Indiana.  We were hired because of our extensive theatre backgrounds.  We were hired by Elton and Jane Hummel who took over (the business …