My First Adventure – Bay Park – East Rockaway, NY

Oh hey everyone.. TH have put me in the tall car called Jeep and we’re going for a ride.

What’s that sign say out the window. Bay Park. A park?? What’s a park. I have no idea but I hope it’s a cool place to go.. This is what the sign out the window looked like from the window!

Okay we are here. Let’s take a look around!

Lots of water. I’d like to take a swim but they don’t seem to want me in the water. Yet.

Something about my belly needing to heal up first. That’s ok they are concerned it’s cool.

What a view!! Boats are passing by and people are checking me out.

A random person approached us and said I was cool looking. Cool. The word of the day. Cool…. Like the breeze here!

Yeah that’s right.. I’m too cool I need some sunglasses.

I’ll have to look for a pair the next time I’m at the place with all the food and treats.

HEY What are you lookin’ at !!!!! It’s just me taking a moment to steal a kiss from a local bird.

I knew that bird wanted me. Because I’m sexy.. And… wait for it… COOL!!

Okay enough games. It’s hot out. Let’s go home. Until next time everyone!!