Tuff Balls Review

Tuff Balls Industrial Strength

The Good: TH (the humans) picked up a package of Tuff Balls for me last week. They are without a doubt the most rugged construction ever made for a tennis ball toy. This is like a tennis ball from the center of the earth. It will bounce and bounce and bounce. It’s extra thich natural rubber walls give added durability and better bounce. I’m impressed.  It surely will handle the rigors of heavy ball playing fun. From a product quality standpoint, there is nothing to complain about. Even the packaging is Tuff!!

The Bad: This is mostly on me since I’m still learning about toys but I don’t go first towards this toy often. It’s so sturdy it may be a bit on the hard side for someone like me who is new to playing with toys. With a price point of $3.00 for 2 balls it was a little on the high side, but the sturdy quality explains the cost (and really this should be in-between good and bad).

How did the Tuff Balls Review fare?

The Verdict: If you like to play catch, chew on balls, or knock around a round object; Tuff Balls DELIVERS! This is a fantastic product that is made to last.