Woof Woof Here I am

Still sniffing around the ole tree if you know what I mean. Really enjoying my new place, I’ve got all the bells and whistles of life at my paws. I’ve got a few adventures I want to share still on tape that I have to get TH (the humans) to take care of for me. I’m also going to start wearing the mighty “scoobiecam” once a good harness/mount system is figured out.

Happy Holidays from me and my humans! We hope you have a great holiday season!

As for me, I’m still eating the good stuff.. Learned all about treats, toys, and jumping in and out of cars. Taking my heartworm pill every month like all good doggies should, and keeping warm for the winter. See you on the other side of the bowl!

Being a NSAL Rescue is a lucky privilege

Not every dog gets lucky and picked up off the cell block floor on day 1. I’m glad Scoobie lived a short existence “on the block” and became out NSAL Rescue in short order. She isn’t wired for that kind of life and I fear would not have been adopted if it wasn’t quick.