Video Episode 4 – Night Mission

<Formerly from my dogs old website, Scoobieland> now residing on FleeceHEAD with the rest of the family both animal and unfortunately those humans too.

Night Mission? I accept!

Hey everyone. It’s me, it’s me, Sc double O bie! Here’s an older clip of a short night mission (I had to use the bathroom) when I was being trained. Good thing TH was still awake in the wee hours of 2:22 to make it happen. My pal Dee was hanging out but she’s a little wacky and meows a lot! Chicken carver treat was tasty but I’ve since stopped eating them. I’m down with the crunch more than anything. Or any human food I can get my paws on. Especially bread but that’s another episode on its own!

Onto the movie! Enjoy.. woof woof.