Captain Preggo and the first furniture store visit

Well we have a nickname. It happened earlier this evening and low and behold…


Sure some of you will say “Steve your such a jerk that’s not a nice name”.. I hear ya loud and clear. But it is what it is. Captain Preggo is born. There was a chance of it to be Commandant Preggo but that just didn’t fit the bill.. Too long and Police Acadamy list. So Captain Preggo it is!

Onto other things from the day. We went to the baby furniture store, Behrs ( It’s in Seaford, NY and is a lot larger on the inside than it appears from the outside. We seemingly walked miles looking at all different styles and designs of furniture setups. Cribs that become beds, Rocking couch chairs, Changing tables, you name it I looked at it. I have to say while from a design perspective I find it mildly interesting. I like good quality craftsmanship no matter what the topic of discussion may be so from a purely woodworking perspective there was a lot of nice work to check out. From a “this is what i’m going to put my baby into at 3:33am after it wails for an hour” perspective, it all looks like a jail cell bed to me.

Was I in jail as a kid too? Certainly not in these hand crafted by little Malaysian kids for .30c a week Mahogany baby bedroom sets. I grew up in the 70s and then the 80s. We had those little plastic cages that look like what puppy stores keep their critters in. Then you went to either a crib, or a bed. That was it. No expanding rails, multi-function sleeping contraptions with this and that. By the time we finish the baby room off, it’s going to be the nicest room in the freakin’ house!! Some of those cribs were large enough to sleep in myself. Has the average baby grown to such a massive amount in America that we need 3′ x 5′ cribs to drop these little chubs in? Woooooooosh it’s a lot to think about there, or I’m just crazy.

The woman’s starting to complain about size now as well. It was bound to happen eventually it’s not like this was going to take place in 5-10 minutes like in the Aliens series of movies. I’m sure all you fellas out there WISH it would happen that fast. Luckily for me Kim is laid back and has a sense of humor so when the rest of you men out there are having your souls crushed for the umpteenth time please remember I’m chilling out having a good time. It’s all about staying positive. So what if she’s complaining like she’s got a Spare Tire from because at 95lbs or whatever foolishly low number her weight was BEFORE the pregnancy she really has nothing to worry about. Just more yappin!

Remember men, it’s your PregMANcy too. Live it like a RoCkStAr!


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