Review: Babi Italia Harrington Lifestyle Crib in Mocha

Babi Italia Harrington Lifestyle Crib basics:

Okay let’s get the stats out of the way first so we all know what the subject of this review is. The Babi Italia Harrington Lifestyle Crib, color Mocha. We shopped around at a ton of stores both the big chains and the smaller shops and ended up jumping on a deal at Babies-R-Us for the Babi Italia Harrington Lifestyle Crib from their Harrington collection. We picked up EVERYTHING. Crib, both dressers, nightstand, and the toddler and full size rail kits. For now, let’s focus on the Babi Italia Harrington Lifestyle Crib and we’ll talk about the other products another time.

Safety is an issue and this is right on the Babi Italia homepage: All LaJobi products meet the rigorous standards of consumer safety certification requirements by leading organizations including the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) and the American Society for Testing and Materials Standards at the time of their sale by LaJobi.

All cribs made and sold as of June 28, 2011 comply with the newest standard, 16CFR 1219 as outlined by the CPSC. We have been working closely with our retailers and industry partners to ensure a smooth transition. Consumers with questions can contact LaJobi customer service at 888-266-2848 or visit the JPMA website.

Good stuff, so now we know our baby will be in a crib that is at the most recent standards.

Babi Italia Harrington Lifestyle Crib Pricing

Well as far as price goes I can honestly say for once in life we know that we got a killer deal here. The Retail price at Babies-R-Us for the Babi Italia Harrington Lifestyle Crib is normally $499 and that in itself is a completely acceptable price for a modern day crib. The weekend we decided to do our final round of looking and make a purchase we get a flyer from Kim’s friend at work. All baby furniture, 20% off this weekend only. Okay, so BRU is sweetening the pot and getting an extra round of attention. Then Kim remembers that if we get a credit card (which is currently 0% financing for 12 months on all purchases made the day you sign up for the card) you get an ADDITIONAL 15% off all purchases. Yup, it qualified! They don’t stack it for 35% but they take the 20% off first since that’s a store sale, and then another 15% off from that for the total. You can do the math I’m not the receipt keeper in the family but suffice to say we got a killer deal, and ended up just buying the entire set rails and all so we don’t go back a month later when we realize we want this or that. Add on the $100 to ship to the house (for the crib + the two dressers) and we’re good to go.


Babi Italia Harrington Lifestyle Crib Quality

I have to say the quality of the wood and hardware are fantastic. This is easily one of the heaviest cribs that we looked at as well. A lot of the brands seemed very lightweight and borderline flimsy. This is sturdy. I can easily sit or stand on this crib without the slightest concern of it breaking. I don’t plan on doing it but I’m confident that it will handle years of abuse.

You can see on the pic to the left the quality of the finish and detail in the design. As someone who likes to build things and understands the difference between cheap MDF and solid wood, you can’t go wrong here. It looked great in the store but even better once in a home setting with both normal house and natural lighting. The fit and finish is perfect.

Babi Italia Harrington Lifestyle Crib Arrival via Babies R Us Delivery Crew

Okay, this is the worst part of the review and has nothing to do with the actual furniture. The delivery company that Babies R Us uses local to us absolutely SUCKS. I have no clue who they are but honestly I want my $100 delivery charge back. They provide a 10am – 2pm window of arrival, I’m fine with that. At 2:10pm the guy calls (while having a side conversation in the background) and tell me he will be another 20 minutes. Okay, what choice so I really have anyways? 2:30pm he should arrive. Nope. The phone rings at 3:30pm and the guy says he is on my block but cannot find my house. I live on a dead end, with about 7 houses and my house # is huge over my front door… go figure. So I go outside and greet them and let them know they’re an hour and a half late. I had to go outside because they arrive 1.5 hours late and are on their cell phones outside dicking around. They also put 2 of the boxes UPSIDE DOWN when bringing them into the house. You could not make up 2 guys that inept at their job. The Keystone Cops of the delivery trade.

From now on, I’ll skip Babies-R-Us delivery, and load up my Subaru or rent a van for $100 and be done with it quickly.

Babi Italia Harrington Lifestyle Crib Assembly – Easy as 1..2..3:

They have it down pat. Great directions. All of the parts sealed in one of the backer boards with the heat shrink eliminating any chance of a box or bag ripping open and you having 7 of 8 bolts needed to complete a project. I could go on and on, but they pack the box well. Layer and layer of foam, cardboard, more foam, etc. to ensure your crib arrives to you with no damage whatsoever.

First you unpack the Babi Italia Harrington Lifestyle Crib kit and realize there is far less work involved in assembly that you may have first realized. It’s the standard stick a cam lock in a hole and then a bolt through. With the exception that they have come up with a slightly different method in that the bolt goes through, and then the wood behind it is slightly drilled out. So the bolts are extra long and ends up giving it essentially additional rigidity.

The spring frame is height adjustable and easy to do down the road as your child grows. There are standard butterfly nuts and you can adjust your bed height lower in a matter of minutes. It’s probably nicer than our own beds system, but I won’t be curling up in a ball in the crib anytime soon.

Unboxing and unwrapping all of the pieces took longer than assembly. They packed it up that well from the factory. Which in our case with the delivery group sucking so bad was a saving grace and surely prevented a giant headache on my part having to deal with a return or some other nonsense. The Babi Italia Harrington Lifestyle Crib looks fantastic in our babies room even though we have not yet completed painting!


Babi Italia Harrington Lifestyle Crib Final Opinion

Crib8I’m completely happy with our purchase. Even at the full price I would be 100% satisfied with the quality, fit, finish. Everything. It looks great, and will hopefully last a long time to come in the raising of our daughter.

Here’s the finished product in our baby room, although not it’s final resting place just a temporary spot as it’s going in the middle of the room and being covered to finish painting next week.
My Ratings for the Babi Italia Harrington Lifestyle Crib:

Quality: 10 out of 10
Price: 10 out of 10
Assembly: 9 out of 10 (I wish they would come up with a better method than those damn hex keys!)

Additional Comments: Don’t use Babies-R-Us delivery! Go rent a van and bring a hand truck with you. 1 man job for all pieces easy.

If I had the opportunity, I would buy the Babi Italia Harrington Lifestyle Crib again.

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