Time to go Mac, will I ever look back?

My history is pretty simple. My Dad worked for IBM from the late-60s until the early-90s when he created our family business. So IBM loyalty throughout the years has been one of those things that has been a trend in our family. My first PC was the fabled PCjr. More recently on the Apple side i’ve had iPods because lets be frank, they’re the best mp3 players out. Even earlier this year in April I took the plunge and got an iPad2 for my birthday, and it’s one of those devices that make you as IBM used to say back in the day… “Think Different” .. Kind of funny an old IBM slogan applies in that way now.

Fast forward to now. Our business is looking to put out an App, and for it to be a success it HAS to be iOS as well as Android compatible. iOS is still 5x the market size of the Android Marketplace and that kind of dictates things. Add in corporations buying thousands of iPads for their outside sales teams (which is what our App will be directed towards, sales people) “It’s time for a Mac”. That time is now.
MacMy wife aka Captain Preggo is a graphic designer and has been around Macs for years, although her current job is a PC shop so I’ve been left with a lot of online reviews and calls to the Apple 800 number seeking their opinions on questions I come up with along the way. The Macbook Air and Pro are both nice machines, but for the price of a Macbook Pro I can plop one of these sweet 27″ iMac monsters on my desk and just be done with it for the foreseeable future. Where on my desk will it go? Not sure yet I’m already a cluttered mess as we’ve discussed before but the cleanup down here started tonight and will take a few days. With the iPad already here that’s portable enough for testing, I thought about needing the notebooks to show my old man the progress but he’s 5 minutes away and can stop by anytime to see it in all of it’s large screen glory instead here in my office.

PC to Mac will I ever look back?

It’s more work for me, being the one that has to do all of the App development. Luckily Kim can help with the graphics or I would be completely in over my head since that’s absolutely not my strong point, if anything my absolute weakness. Having a Mac around makes me think will this end up replacing my PC desktop? Surely the screen is going to lure me and task by task I’ll see how I like things on the dark side of the apple and maybe take a bigger bite than expected.

No changes here at the blog being web-based which is nice. Finally something I work on that’s update proof!

Some other ideas for apps in the works, comedy based and using some web properties those that know me personally are probably wondering “What has happened to RP?” .. Well RP is going to make a big rebound over the next year or so and when the time is right I’ll post about it here. It’s certainly not for everyone 😉 Having a system that caters to the audio/video crowd is going to make my life easier. I hate video editing on my PC nothing every seems to want to “work right”.. We’ll see if that changes with a Mac or not. Looking at YouTube and seeing some of these goofs make videos so easy on a Mac give me hope for RP’s video future. I need an easy workflow more than ever to save some time here and there.

For the folks already on a Mac, how was your work transition? Office files ever give you problems? E-mail issues with Exchange based servers?