Update: I’ve become a Machole

MacYup, you heard it straight from the horses mouth. Born and raised on IBM/PC products absolutely, but in the last month since this 27″ iMac entered my life and my computing has not been the same. I’m still learning things here and there no doubt but overall I am loving the switch. Here’s a few of the things so far making a big difference in my daily productivity.

Interface – App store makes it 1-2-3 to get a app I need, or solve a problem. The average app I find in 30 seconds in the App store (for free usually too) works out of the box flawlessly. Interfaces are all the same so time to learn new items is minimal you are not guessing how the programmer made his different. I’m using more and more side tools daily to make myself more productive.

Visuals – Stunning. Graphically destroys the PC I came from and the quality of the 27″ monitor is gorgeous. I don’t PC-game much anymore so it’s kind of unnecessary but I downloaded Counterstrike:Source from Steam since the Mac version was a free d/l since I own the game already and it looked better than anything I have played before.

Speed – Load times are great, opening and working in large files seems to be of no consequence. When working files off my external drive is the only time I feel any kind of speed decrease, otherwise everything seems to be instant.

Microsoft Office is something I need to use daily. Outlook, Calendar, Word, and Excel mainly. Not a problem. I’ve been using the 30 day free trial from Microsoft and the transition could not have been easier. I spent one night/morning transferring all my files and setting everything up. Granted, I still have not transferred my work onto the iMac fully yet so I am still living sorta like a hobo off of a Firewire External HD. I’ve tested a few folders pulled over to the desktop and the speed is dramatically increased once we take that dead weight external HD out of the picture. I just haven’t had the time to go through and organize everything yet to my liking and back up the old, unnecessary files.

What about compatibility?

Everything works. I mean everything. I add a multi-function printer? Okay. Plug that sucker in. Click the Apple Updater icon and it installs itself and I’m printing and scanning in under a minute, my first time trying. I like simple things. I’ve been down the IT guy road and that world sucks. I hated doing it for others, and I hate doing it for myself. I want to use and harness the power and technology that is at our fingertips, not screw around trying to make 1 insignificant thing “work” just so I can feel like TA-DA it works! ITS SUPPOSED TO F’N WORK!! That’s the one spot where so far, Apple had shined bright for me. I did need to download a $4.99 app for converting some files occasionally compressed by Outlook on PCs. No big deal it took 2 seconds, 5 bucks, and my work was not slowed down by more than 15 seconds and I can open those files forever.

Obviously stuff like the iPad plugged in and worked pretty quickly. I did have a few issues transferring over purchases from 1 computer to another but that’s been a common problem with iTunes store for years and I didn’t expect a new computer, Mac or otherwise, to make that easier. After searching the net for some guides, I found a decent one that worked me through the process. Probably an hour lost and the biggest task of them all.. But I got my music now so it’s worth it 🙂 Oh jeez I am a Machole!

So wow, Steve, are you blowing iPods now or what?? F’n Machole

Not everything is amazing. To me the biggest problem I have faced is simple. The keyboard and mouse layout. The keyboard while cool being aluminum and study, is small and took a great deal getting used too. Luckily I had a PCjr back in the day which gave me an innate ability to type on the chicklet-styled keyboard they give you. I opted for the larger wired keyboard because I need the numeric keypad for Excel work daily. So I do have that 1 annoying wire on my desk (other than the desktop phone/speakerphone, and countless other piles of crap I hoard). As far as a pointing device there are 2 options and you get to pick 1, mouse or trackpad. I went with the trackpad since it’s pretty new and I thought why not. I have been using trackballs for DECADES. Logitech Trackman Marble Mouse to be exact. I have been using that trackball setup for so long that I have a stockpile of new ones unopened in the box just in case they stopped making them I have grown so accustomed to them. Other than when I tried playing the game Counterstrike, I have not used the trackball at all. Sometimes I wish I had used it to get something done a little faster but I’m getting used to it more and more each day. It’s wireless which is nice so I can position it however needed but that and the keyboard have been my biggest gripes so far.

Auto-correct? UGH. Frustrating on the iPad and the iMac. And every time I tell myself i will go through settings to turn it off, a phone rings or I get distracted and forget.

Overall, I am completely happy I have made the change. I’ve been dabbling with Garage Band and iMovie some just to learn the system with some old audio tracks, old RP movies and stuff so who knows what trouble I might start getting myself into artistically with this thing. The app development (and original reason for purchasing this machine) is starting soon I’ve been working on the non-computer related things like ideas, interface, etc. so we have a good plan going into this thing.

PC? Fuhgeddaboudit. I’m a Machole now!

Click the iMac for the “stats” on the particular model I’ve been using —>

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