New friend into the mix.. Welcoming Bandit!

<Post formerly on my dogs old website, Scoobieland>

Sure I’m a dog.. But I love cats!!

Why? I don’t know. But I just love those fuzzy little suckers and the humans brought a new one home a few months ago and I wanted to share her with the rest of you furry loving viewers. So without further adieu… BANDIT – The one eyed kitty! Story goes she was being kept in someones garage and got into the wrong things. Infections started and one eye had to be removed and sewn shut, the other is a little hazy but gets her around just fine.. This girl is TINY though and I love to snuggle up with her. It’s the smallest of my 3 cat friends here at the house and by far the biggest trouble maker.

She came from a local Petco store and I’ll post up the details of the rescue group and link them up in the next update. We have been taking video of this crazy kitty cat of all the wild and zany things she likes to do.. Such as but not limited too:

Drinking with paws.

Feeding Q-tips to the waterdish

Dunking all food in water

Bandit Drinking