DIY/Review – Mural 48″ and 35″ shelves

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The baby room is coming along killer! I’m completely stoked with how much effort we have put into this room and what the results have been so far. We’re down to some of the final touches and smaller projects, assembling items like the high chair, mobile, etc. The easy things in my book. After all of this work the other day I’m looking around the room and only one thing can pop into my mind.. Over and Over and Over.

Why are there NO SHELVES?!?!??

We didn’t plan it to be that way, just didn’t think far ahead enough in our project (and for that matter project expenses) to have shelving be one of the topics of discussion. Friday afternoon comes which is our traditional go out and pick up projects for the weekend time since Kim comes home earlier than most days from work… and away to Home Depot we go.

They had in stock a set of floating shelves that really matched the room well. They are white, and have a nice molded trim edge that somewhat matches the ancient molding that goes around the ceiling of the room. Close enough match we both agreed and we brought home the largest 48″ x 8″ Floating Shelf as well as a slightly smaller and much thinner 35″ x 4″shelf. We paid about $60 for the pair including tax if I remember right and you can find them at the Home Depot website. Books and some larger items for the lower and wider shelf, and then 12-18″ above we’ll center the smaller shelf and put room decor, pictures, trinkets, etc. up on the top since nobody but me at 6′ tall can ever reach where the top shelf is going to be! This is how I stay relevant and keep shorties needing me, I place things up high or make sure items are too heavy where I’m needed. Hey a man has to do what a man has to do!

Mural Shelf Installation:

I don’t know how handy you are so the best bet is to follow the instructions on the back of the box number by number. This way you are not going to forget a step like using screw anchors if you don’t have studs available to screw into when installing the bracket. These little details are what separates the online reviewers who say “Hey this isn’t level it sucks” with a 1 star rating from the people who say “Great product, works as advertised” with a 5 star rating.

It’s about understanding the product and what you are going to use this for. It’s a decorative shelving system. Floating shelves never have as good of a support as normal bracketed shelving options. So keep that in mind when you think you can drop a flat screen tv on a floating shelf. Chances are you will be pissed when your TV plummets to the ground. Don’t say you weren’t warned! These units are ideal for holding keepsake items, books, CD’s, stuffed animals, or whatever other smaller items you have in mind. Just don’t rest your bowling ball collection on them, ok??

Here’s what each shelving system looks like out of the box and on the floor. Very simple. The smaller shelf uses a simple wooden bracket where the larger shelf uses a sturdier metal item. I have old school walls in this room and chose to use the plastic anchors for every screw as I have been doing in all rooms in this house. The extra few minutes of time is well worth the additional stability. As you can see each kit also comes with a small package with screws, anchors, and white plastic dots for the top of the shelves to hide the screwtops that connect to the mounting brackets.


Measure Twice, Mark once:

Similar to the old adage “Measure twice, cut once” take your time when it comes to the setup process. If you have a bunch of lopsided holes and the brackets go up on your wall and are completely not level, you will have nobody to blame but yourself. That’s the truth. There is nothing worse than rushing a craftsman-type project and then thinking “Wow this item sucks” .. no.. you just sucked at installing it because you rushed and didn’t want to take the time to do it right. I’m an obsessive freak to a point so I do practice what I preach and always have one or two levels with me for every home project job I’m going to work on. I can’t say it enough, take your time drilling the holes. Remeasure after you drill your center hole to make sure the ones adjacent are still going to be level when you drill them. Your drill very well may walk a little on the wall without you even realizing it. That’s when you think you are pressing it on one spot but it moves ever so slightly changing the location. It’s more common than you think.

You can see in the pictures I’ve gotten the metal bracket installed as the lower shelf since this is the one for the 8″ unit. Once that was installed I rechecked and remeasured my lines for the top shelf so I knew with certainty it would be placed exactly where I want it to be. If you can’t reach, use a ladder or step stool so you are not stretching to drill your holes or line up your brackets. I don’t want to be in the position where 6 years from now Alyssa says “Daddy, my shelves are falling down” or “Daddy, my Dora the Explorer doll keeps crashing  to the floor”. Take your time, do it right the first time so it lasts.

IMG_0155Some Final thoughts / product shots:

Going into this project I never heard of the brand Mural before. Online reviews after the fact made me think twice about opening the packaging but I’m totally glad I did. The products were nice and in good condition. Installation for someone handy is an absolute breeze and it took me a lot longer to write this post than it did to install the shelves!! I would absolutely buy this product again and I plan on picking up a couple of the matching corner shelves for the opposite side of the room because it will be a great accent piece for the corner and a place to put some picture frames.

The shelves have been rearranged since but this was my quick “Hey let’s throw some stuff on there and take a picture for aDad” glory shot after the work was done, area thoroughly vacuumed, and items restored to original places. I’m happy with the results and Kim was happy with it too. They go over just far enough that the long dresser to the right of the shelves will still have plenty of room to install a full sized mirror down the road which was one of my only concerns. So another item checked off the list and our first DIY post on aDad. BOOM!


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I’m a fleece and fur flying, video game playing, metal loving, princess party having, man of many talents. Living just outside of NYC on the Island of Long. Enjoy your life! No matter how many times people shake their head, always remain true to yourself.
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Steve Lichtman Administrator
Puppet Builder , FleeceHEAD
I’m a fleece and fur flying, video game playing, metal loving, princess party having, man of many talents. Living just outside of NYC on the Island of Long. Enjoy your life! No matter how many times people shake their head, always remain true to yourself.
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