It’s a bloggy blog world out there!

Bloggy blogAnticipating Dad has been up for 7 months or so now FleeceHEAD is now here and as life passes by and I spend more and more time reading other ‘rent blogs of both the Mom & Dad variety, I’m not picky. I’m realizing that there are so many great ones out there with kids who are older and they’ve gone through the entire process I’m only about to embark on. That means KILLER CONTENT is already out there on the internet for me to read and learn from others. Awesome if you ask me! I’m a 100% Type-A personality in person and these blogs are helpful guides to getting my real life personality displayed on the web. It’s not easy to do without it coming off like I’m a new cast member of ‘Tool Academy” but I’m trying.

It’s a bloggy blog world out there.

So while I bounce day to day, site to site; I thought it would be cool to list a bunch that I like for a variety of reasons. Content always if I don’t want to read it there is no point even talking about it any more. Style and design are always a compelling factor. Topics vary with the bloggers style, some more serious than others. So without further adieu here is a short list of great blogs you can check out.

A Dad’s Point of View by Bruce Sallan – Great blog, and he’s the host of #DadChat which I have yet to get on live, especially now with baby doc visits being the same time/day.. I’ll be there in a few weeks to represent the fellas in an all new abrasive way that only I can conjure up. I found Bruce’s site after reading his article A Day In the Life of a Social Media Addict and realized that’s my style of read!

Good Enough Mother by Rene Syler – My kind of personality. Creative site with all the graphical eye candy to keep you interested and the writing chops to back it all up. She’s also highly motivated in promoting her blog and has done some awesome things with it as far as partnerships and promotions. I’m sure over time just by reading her blog, I’m going to learn a ton. She has Breaking News today with 2 new partnerships so go on over and throw a Congrats her way!

Memoirs of a Single Dad by Daniel Ruyter – Well, he’s not going to be single very much longer with his Recent Engagement (and now subsequently the logo on the site has “Not So” before Single, but his writing will surely remain just as great as it has been when I first started reading his blog.

Two Classy Chics by Shelly Hill and Chris Carroll – They are Social Media MONSTERS. I mean every time I log on Twitter, BOOM. Every link I click although they don’t always apply to my interests I just like seeing how they lay things out, promote, etc. They have a great site for Reviews and Giveaways and are constantly active and giving back to the community. It’s not a typical blog like you would imagine, but they’re in the niche with the rest of us and are providing a totally different experience than most.

The Yo Daddy Dude by John Taylor – John blows up Twitter as well with great lines and comments. His blog is always engaging and i find myself reading more and more of his older posts as time goes by. With each new update I end up reading a couple older posts. That’s the sign of someone who can write well enough to captivate your brain.

There you have it people. Five blogs that I enjoy reading when I have that extra bit of time on my hands and want to entertain my brain! Click the links, read their stories and adventures, and enjoy your bloggy blog world out there because it is huge and always being updated.