Seattle’s Best Coffee Sample Review

A friend of mine (don’t remember who sorry) on Facebook had “liked” something in relation to Seattle’s Best Coffee. Being a drinker of such aromatic liquids I immediately clicked on it at 2am and followed the trail of coffee vapors to a sign up page for a cup of coffee on them. GREAT! I love coffee. Signed up and submitted. Went to bed.

2 weeks later this arrives in the mail.

A magical little pouch of Seattle’s Best Coffee Grinds. Level 3 – Medium & Balanced. That’s just perfect because it’s the exact type of coffee I like. Just enough to make 4 standard cups of coffee, or 1.5 cups worth in my travel cup.  A little kick in the pants but not too dark. $1 off coupon attached as well so if I enjoy it the savings continues at the grocery store.

A friend of the family once told me “Darker coffee is lower in caffeine and lighter coffee is higher in caffeine” so I guess being in the middle the best of both worlds. Is that anecdote of coffee caffeination true? I don’t know. But the person who told me is a doctor / medical researcher type so I can only assume he was being legit with me. After all, he said it over a cup of coffee!

Make the coffee — Your way!

Mix with your favorite combo of milk and sugar, creamer, coffee mate, or whatever you enjoy. Hell just drink it black. I took a few sips black to start and it is delicious. It has a nice full body flavor but is balanced enough you don’t feel like it’s too bitter or strong. No doubt a hard balance to achieve, Seattle’s Best did it just right. Then I added my milk and sugar and brought it in to the office to type this while enjoying the cup.

I even shot a quick video of the coffee pouring into the cup. Why? I don’t know. It’s not like Seattle’s Best paid me for this post, I’m just doing it for my love of coffee. If they want to reward me with more coffee I am more than amicable to that situation as I love the brand and drink it regularly. Contact me Seattle’s Best I’d be more than happy to keep drinking and writing about your delicious grinds.


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