What my workshop looked like

Puppet Workshop

Tools, lights, storage, it never seems to end.

Putting together my workshop was an extended work in progress. Right now it’s actually pretty broken down and unused and I have most everything stored in boxes and bins, having a baby around kind of makes you put away the sharp objects!

One of the cool things about the space is that I set it up in a way I can bring out what I need from storage and have everything up and ready to go in 5-10 minutes, so in essence this is still what the workshop area looks like.

I am a hoarder, but I got it under control… sorta

Lots and lots of fabric, or all varieties. I admit I’ve been a fabric hoarder and whenever something was on sale at the fabric store I bought a few yards of each color I liked or thought I would use in the future. Which now is great as I have a huge stockpile of supplies at the ready.

More than once I thought in my head I wanted to make a character one color only to look at some fabric samples and change everything. Having the space to lay things out and compare helps.

Puppet Workshop

Long angle shot of the area. 2 desks next to each other.

These are some really early shots. The wall to the left of the fabric racks is now covered in green screen material, I’ve added ceiling and wall hooks to attach lighting when needed, and those fabric racks have twice as much stored on them now. I admit I’m a total packrat. Lots of tools including cutting tools, dremels, glue guns, rulers, lights and magnifying glasses, wire cutting, etc.

Basement workshop

Behind the door. It’s all sanded and repainted
now and filled with all my junk.

A basement just for me? Yes please!

Not to mention past that wood paneled door is the laundry/boiler half of the basement where I have an old school work bench with a pegboard for household tools. Heck we’re not even talking about car stuff, I really have a tool collection problem. Is there an xxxxx Anonymous program for lovers of all things mechanical / crafted? If so, sign me up.

It really is more storage than I ever thought would be needed until I started putting everything down there to organize. When we lived in the apartment I kept most everything in one closet that was packed from the floor to the ceiling. To be able to see and reach for anything down here really has been a treat.

If that wasn’t enough storage space there is a long alleyway the original home owner used for their model trains. I have a train set from the 70s as a kid but it’s at my old man’s house and I have not used it in 20-30 years. Storage it is!! You can never have too much storage.

Galleyway storage

Funny how I only have BEFORE pics
that are moderately neat.

When we first had the baby I was trying to keep my office and workshop all in the basement. As you can see it’s only really 1/2 finished and certainly not a baby-safe or even baby-friendly environment. She also HATED the fluorescent lighting as it seemed to bother her eyes. I was spending more time upstairs than downstairs and needed to come up with a work solution. Move up to the real people levels of the house.

The wife let me take over most of her office upstairs (thanks momma) and I moved my computers upstairs and have not been in the basement as much since. During all of this I realized that other than the full sized wolf mascot I created, most of my best work was done at my computer desk with a toolbox filled with sewing junk, whatever fabric I was using that day, and an entirely smaller footprint.

Fast forward to life now, and this old space is rarely used

It’s 2 years later since I’ve been a basement dweller and the kid is big enough to start enjoying puppets. It’s time to dust off the old puppets, make some new ones, and design cool craft projects that not only we’re going to do here but you can download at your home and enjoy as well.

I promise you won’t need a basement of tools and junk like this. Some lunch bags, googley eyes, foam sheets and construction paper will get you through 75% of what I have planned for Puppet Dad.