Bubble Guppies are the X-Men

I’m starting to notice that the hit Nickelodeon show Bubble Guppies that my daughter absolutely loves is very similar to one of my childhood loves, the X-Men. It was one of my favorite comic books as a kid and now as an adult seeing the movies is really pretty cool. Even if it’s not always 100% true to the comics, I’m not going to hold them on that for the sake of entertainment.

What about these Bubble Guppies… are they the X-Men of the Nickelodeon Universe?

First let’s get right to it. They are a group of half-human half-guppie creatures that apparently LIVE with their teacher / professor if you will, Mr. Grouper. Sure sounds like Professor Xavier and his Mutant Academy if you ask me. He’s always there to help and guide them, keep them on course.

Grouper is also seemingly their main destination for everything. Education, food (what time is it? it’s time for lunch!), athletic development, underwater world problems, and just about anything else you can think of. Mr. Grouper is Professor Xavier. He is guiding and training these elite underwater warriors.

The Bubble Guppies live in an underwater world where they are CLEARLY different than all of the other inhabitants. Even in the first episode ‘Call a Clambulence’ it’s obvious when they visit the hospital to see their fallen comrade.

Upon the arrival of Mr. Grouper and the Bubble Guppies the nurse greets their mentor and says, “I see you have brought the Bubble Guppies.” They’re getting special attention from the common lobster people of this world. They are… DIFFERENT.

Maybe I’m just totally nuts and reading far too much into a simple television program for little kids. Watch the same DVD or repeats on TV enough times with your little ones and you have to start looking at it from different angles to keep it interesting.

To me the Bubble Guppies is an exciting superhero program where a band of mutants are saving the underwater world from chaos and destruction.

Bub-bub-bubble, Gup-gup-guppies!