Valentines Day Creations w/ Creatology Craft Kit

For Valentine’s Day we decided the weekend before to make some crafts with the little one so she would have some extra decorations around her room for the V-Day week. We headed over to Michael’s and picked up this Creatology Valentine’s Day critter kit. They were 50% off so it was a killer deal. I think we paid $4 for the kit, and the glue sticks we grabbed since I’m always going through glue gun sticks, bottles and tubes, etc. This goes into Alyssa’s own little craft bin.

So what do you get for 4 bucks?

A lot! I was impressed with how much fell out. You start with the basics. 12 tubes that are about the size of a toilet paper tube in vibrant pink and red colors. The kit also comes with: multiple sheets of stick on eyes, hearts, and sparkly trim. A pile of foam hearts and shapes, and even more sparkly pop out pieces. We have a bin of leftovers after our morning of fun so the value is certainly there, even if we didn’t get it on sale.

What can you make with the Creatology Craft Kit?

That’s where your imagination comes to play!! Out girl is not even 2 years old yet so she just wants to grab, rip, and tear everything she can get her hands on and we pretty much let the little monster have her way. Mommy and I did our best to make things that won’t fall apart or have small pieces so she could play with them and as we accept, destroy them! Maybe we should have learned from her destruction of the Castle of Chaos earlier this month but it’s all for fun and family so who cares.

Here is a gallery of in progress pics of the action:

Final Verdict – A+

Maybe I’m positive review happy? Nah, I’m a pretty straight up guy and if something turns up bad you’ll be the first to know. With Michaels craft products from Creatology I have been hitting home run after home run so far and that’s a good thing.

Saving money and having great craft projects is a good and welcome experience. To get all the pieces together yourself would cost you 5-10 times more just because of the minimum quantities and all that jazz. So a $5-10 kit at full retail price that comes with everything you need and only 1/2 got used the first session? WINNING!

You get plenty of product to try all kinds of design options, it’s mostly stick on stuff so you can do this glue-free if you want (and we did for 95% of them), and when they get thrown against the wall you throw it away and let the kids make new ones keeping them busy a second time with the same kit!!

Find your local Michaels store here or contact them socially on Twitter they are great at communicating with customers online.

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