The Pinklejinx Experience – Make your kids birthday Extra Special!

An opportunity came up last month to review a birthday product. Alyssa’s birthday was just a few weeks away so I thought why not and threw my name in the list. A few weeks later I was contacted by a rep from Pinklejinx about receiving their product for as they termed it, “honest feedback on this product and the experience of bringing joy to birthdays.”

So this is a little different, I was not paid to do a review but instead chose to after fulfilling technically my only obligations to Pinklejinx which was to provide them feedback to their PR team which I did last week.

The truth is, the product is pretty damn cool. It made the kids birthday that much nicer. Pinklejinx enhanced the birthday experience.

What’s included in the Pinklejinx Experience?

Pinklejinx has 4 options from an eBook to a full Keepsake kit. They sent me a massive 8+ pound box which housed their Keepsake Kit. Upon opening you are greeted by a note, and layers upon layers of birthday party experience boosters.

You get a wonderful book by Tish Dahlby that ties in the entire Pinklejinx Birthday Experience. Alyssa enjoyed it, but cannot keep the book due to our desire of it making it to birthday #3 in one piece!! She is like an office shredder.

The Keepsake Kit included:

  • Pinklejinx, Hardcover Book
  • 10″ Plate
  • 7″ Cake Plate
  • Pedestal Bowl
  • Pedestal Cup
  • Spoon and Fork
  • Birthday Place Mat
  • Birthday Crown
  • Birthday Banner
  • Birthday Chair Cover
  • Keepsake Storage Box

That’s a lot of stuff, How is the Quality?

I was surprised by the quality to be honest. For $79.99 you expect decent quality, items that can be saved and reused year after year. This is absolutely the case. Durable plastic bowls and plates, thick rope on the birthday banner, a quality printed book, and the storage box is quite durable with a magnetic flap to keep it all in place waiting those 364 days until your kids next birthday celebration.

Enough talk, Show me the Pinklejinx!

Here’s a gallery of images from Alyssa’s 2nd birthday. She especially loved the candle fork and spoon. They may have been a touch on the small side for her, but she is a giant baby using adult silverware. Regardless she had an awesome time and that’s what counts.

Final Verdict: A

The only issue for some might be the price point. $79 is a lot for some to use only once a year. Perhaps if you have a few kids you get more continued value out of the product. I would buy this on my own for my kid, but I love making birthdays special.

Quality matters, and you get it in spades with the Pinklejinx Keepsake Kit. Everything is well thought out, crafted with quality in mind, and will last her entire childhood for sure. We do keep the book away from her though because she is a notorious page/paper ripper!

You can order Pinklejinx direct from their website: