I Constantly Meet Interesting People Like Frank the Ant

Frank the AntI am a magnet.

Always have been, always will be.

A magnet for what you ask? Simple. Eccentric people. The artists in your community. Musician on a corner playing trombone out of his asscrack? I know the guy. Breakdancer in a lemur suit? A neighbor. It really just never ends.

Fast forward to my home town. We have a guy that stands on the corner for the local exterminating company, GAM’s Exterminating. He dances on a busy corner, waves, blows kisses… THE WORKS.

His name isĀ Frank the Ant and he is AWESOME!

I think it’s outright fantastic. Doing no harm, making people laugh, and promoting their biz. Winning! Some of the local moms on Facebook have their variety of opinions on Frank the Ant of course and it covers a wide range of viewpoints. From the normal to the insane.

This weekend we’re driving to Long Beach and we pass Frank the Ant. But wait! He’s trying to hand us a piece of paper in the middle of the street while passing at 20mph. I quickly loop around and park on the side street and meet Frank the Ant on the corner. It’s a signed 8×10 photocopy and he tells me “Hey man it might be a treasure some day.”

I introduce myself and now have met Frank aka “Frank the Ant” and couldn’t be happier.

Here we are, in living color!