Accept’s new album ‘Blind Rage’ Review

Blind Rage is the fourteenth studio album by German heavy metal band Accept. It was released on August 15, 2014 on Nuclear Blast Records.

Accept’s Current Lineup:

  • Mark Tornillo – lead vocals
  • Wolf Hoffmann – guitar
  • Herman Frank – guitar
  • Peter Baltes – bass guitar
  • Stefan Schwarzmann – drums

Right off the bat they hit you with a strong song in Stampede. It’s got everything you expect from the German rockers and sets a solid tone for the entire album. Wanna Be Free sounds like it was written and recorded back in the Balls To The Wall days. Totally old school vibe and it rocks.

200 Years is an explosive kick you in the face song that really exemplifies what Accept is doing in 2014. You can hear and feel the bands progression over the years in this tune. From The Ashes We Rise is another song, like Wanna Be Free where I feel like I’m 18 again sitting in my Monte SS cranking Accept on my cassette player. Dig it.

It’s a fantastic album, and a lot better than I expected. If you are a fan of Accept do yourself a favor and pick this up and crank it.


Track Listing:

No. Title Length
1. “Stampede” 5:14
2. “Dying Breed” 5:21
3. “Dark Side of My Heart” 4:37
4. “Fall of the Empire” 5:45
5. “Trail of Tears” 4:08
6. “Wanna Be Free” 5:37
7. “200 Years” 4:30
8. “Bloodbath Mastermind” 5:59
9. “From the Ashes We Rise” 5:43
10. “The Curse” 6:28
11. “Final Journey” 5:02
Total length: