David Lee Roth ‘California Girls’ is here to delight you!

Van Halen videos were always good. Mostly the stadium style rock star vibe with big lights and pyro.

…and then there was Diamond Dave when he did his solo record.. it was MAGIC.

From his creepy sexual innuendos, use of bodybuilders and midgets, fisheye camera angles with absurd characters, and true DLR showmanship; it was hard to deny. David Lee Roth solo was a good thing for the world, for rock-n-roll, and for other bands years later wanting to take a lighter approach in their video making.

Who is Diamond David Lee Roth?

David Lee Roth is an American rock vocalist, musician, songwriter, actor, author, and former radio personality. In 2007, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Roth is best known as the original (1974–1985) and current (2006–present) lead singer of hard rock band Van Halen. He is also known as a successful solo artist, releasing numerous RIAA-certified Gold and Platinum albums. After more than two decades apart, Roth re-joined Van Halen in 2006 for a North American tourthat became the highest grossing in the band’s history and one of the highest grossing of that year.