Terry Ist aka Terry East – Character Creation

I’m no pen and paper (or pencil) artist by any means. That’s not a medium I excel in at all. BUT.. I like to use it to get base ideas out so from time to time I will start sketching out my ideas so I have them for future reference.

Terry Ist was an idea I had a bunch of years ago. He morphed a little bit and ended up becoming Terry East which sounds better and to me at least is a better play on words. He’s just your average terror school drop-out.

After enough thinking and picturing it in my head one night I just started putting Terry together. First the head shape, then a beard, nose, mole, eyes, head rag, it just built up layer by layer. Like anything it’s a process and one where you may not work on the puppet for a week while trying to figure out whats best, or in my case building 5-10 of the same item in different ways to see what you prefer. My scraps could probably build an army!

A month or so later I had a mostly finished product. I still need to go back in and work the body more, put hands back on him, and some other details but he’s been a part of my cast of characters for a while now.

He’s the ultimate super villain.

Terry East is my first Terrorist puppet

Or at least my interpretation of the ultimate super villain. I’ve also alluded to the fact that he may be brothers with our Presidential Puppet in the past to add a spicy potential for chaos!