Meet Zibble

Zibble is one of those creations where you start working on a project, and the project works you. Simplicity at it’s finest, but loaded with character. There was no gameplan, no intent, nothing. Just practicing at the time and what I created ended up being one of my all-time favorites. Zibble is like Batman in many ways. He’s not the hero you want, he is the hero you NEED!

Meet Zibble!

My first videos featured Zibble, an anti-hero of sorts. He did what was best for his own survival against the P.F.F. (Puppet Freedom Force) while trying to help others. In some ways he is the hero of today. An edgy ‘take no prisoners’ sort who will fight for what he believes in with zero exception.

Zibble is a standard foam and fleece puppet where I used a pattern from a company called Project Puppet for their Glorified Sock Pattern. Especially when you are just starting out it’s worth dropping a few bucks and get some professional patterns to work with. The instructions alone are worth the $ to get you moving in the right direction and understanding the basics of puppet construction.