Puppetry For Beginners – Part 3: Staging (Bird Arm Illusion)

Part 3 of the series Puppetry for Beginners from Colin Dymond using the puppets of Steve Axtell and Axtell Expressions.

Puppetry For Beginners staging tips – Bird Arm Illusion

Using a faux arm as a perch while you are controlling the character. Great tips and tricks in this short Puppetry For Beginners video will help get you started in the right direction and make your puppeteering stand out.

Using the Bird Arm Illusion takes a lot of practice and work to perfect. Heck you could possibly spend the next 10 years working and developing this skill and still not even come close to mastering it. It just goes to show you how difficult good puppeteering is and how much time and dedication is spent in perfecting your craft.