Puppetry For Beginners – Part 5: Puppet Tricks

So you have mastered the first 4 videos by Colin Dymond using the amazing characters from Steve Axtell and Axtell Expressions?

GREAT!! You are well on your way to puppet mastery. The amount you can learn really is vast and each building block will improve your ability and realism in your performances.

Puppetry For Beginners Part 5 is all about Puppet Tricks!

Check out this video helping teach you some of the tricks of the trade to get your ability to hold an audience even stronger than it was before. Sure, you’re always going to learn more as you progress in skill but having some initial little tricks to work in and utilize will help your early puppeteering that much more.

Just because the series is Puppetry For Beginners doesn’t mean you can’t already have a few quality Puppet Tricks up your sleeve!