GTA V Online Heists Are Here And They’re AWESOME!

Unless you have been living under a rock in a Taliban cave chances are you know that Rockstar Games finally released the much anticipated Online Heists mode this week. It’s official folks, GTA V Online Heists have ARRIVED..

..and it’s freakin’ awesome.

Don’t be fooled, there are still some issues. If you don’t have a group of your own in place it’s a rat race of clicking groups to join and failing more often than not. So you might end up spending 15-20 minutes just finding a good group. That part sucks in any online game so I can’t really hold it on R* for that part.

Once you DO get in game? Magic. Co-op gameplay is one of my personal favorites in gaming. I like the idea of a group of gamers, whether they know each other prior or not, joining forces and kicking a games ass. It’s almost to me like a challenge from the devs. “Hey gamers, care to beat us? Bring it.” Well consider it brought mister!!

I’m on Xbox360 and had no issues making some matches with both randoms and people on my friends list (including one doofus that kicked me because his headset was clearly not working I was responding all the f’n time!! SMH) and if you want to join just friend me, Rottenpuppets on Xbox LIVE and we will raise hell together. Just let me know you are from Supernerdz.


I play “in character” quite often. There are enough 30-40 year old guys playing games online so you might end up with a variety of my alter-egos during gameplay. I play GTA 5 like there is no tomorrow. My goal is to make it fun, add some extra humor, and get everyone talking and interacting. I drop out of silent games because it defeats the purpose for me of playing with others.

So if you want to invite me understand my mantra of: LETS HAVE FUN.

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