Heroes Of The Storm – Mac Beta is now Live!

Well yesterday the e-mail arrived. I’ve been accepted to the Mac Beta for Blizzard’s latest creation, Heroes of the Storm. It’s a DOTA-style game that uses the decades of content the teams at Blizzard over the years have created. You get a taste of everything in one epic battle.

Did Mac Beta just start? I honestly have no clue at all but my email arrived yesterday. Blizzard has always been awesome about providing Mac clients. Hell my Mac runs all of their games, max resolution with ZERO lag so it “games” just dandy.

Join me for some Heroes Of The Storm action!

I’d guess this is the tail end of beta as the product looks very well finished on first glance. You start with a choice of 4 options based on your skill in the genre and click and go. I picked the second easiest and ran a quick tutorial and it looks like a lot of fun will be had.

Check out the cinematic trailer for the game. It came out last year but it will give you an idea on the direction they’re taking to make it different from the DOTA and LOL games out there and already established. With the $$ Blizzard will put behind a game you know the fanbase will eat this up to a degree so I don’t see the game going away anytime soon, if anything they’re carved out a new genre to plunder.

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