Magic Leap Unveils an Augmented Reality Steampunk Shooter

Everyone talks about “next gen gaming” and when people starting dancing in front of their TV’s playing Fruit Ninja and games like Kinect Sports / Adventure it was the BOMB.

Well, if you want to really have an action adventure of a lifetime you need to check out this video from Magic Leap because it is absolutely freaking awesome.

Rony Abovitz, the CEO of Google-backed augmented reality company Magic Leap was supposed to be at TED this week to talk about their recent (and mysterious) work. Last minute, they company pulled out of TED and another appearance without reason.

Those reasons remain unknown, but they did post up this video online that was supposed to be used as their video demo to show people at the talk.

From Magic Leap’s YouTube description:

Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it to TED, but we wanted to share one of the things that we’d planned to share at the talk. This is a game we’re playing around the office right now (no robots were harmed in the making of this video).

“Playing around at the office” = it’s an actual game they spent time developing and quite possibly 100% legit footage they captured. Man I hope so because it looks absolutely stunning. Magic Leap is like a secret organization and very little info has come out about the prototype system. Some believe it’s going to be a form of retinal projection originally from recent surgical research. But that guess is as good as any until a big reveal happens.

It’s the VR/AR game though, and sometimes we get a ton of hype and no real demo to sink our teeth into. I’m hoping Magic Leap is the real deal because this is that next-gen gaming I totally want to play.

In a graveyard.

After midnight.