Longest Hearthstone Turn EVER is Happening NOW

Just over 6 hours ago, two players decided to set a world record nobody in their right mind ever considered setting. Using an exploit in the game Hearthstone they went into a sequence of plays that should be impossible and it’s allowing them to attempt to set the record for longest turn in a game of Hearthstone.

It’s estimated the turn will last for a total of 40 hours, and if you want to watch it right now you can because they are live streaming it right now on Twitch.tv (I mean why the hell wouldn’t they, right??)

What the Hearthstone is going on here?

Here’s the skinny for those of you who play hearthstone decks (or don’t play) and are wondering. You normally get 90 seconds for a turn. If your turn has an animation still playing, it will extend that by a few seconds until the animation is complete. That’s where the duo’s exploit comes into play with some card sharing mastery. One player has 9 copies of a card called “Arcane Missiles” that deals three damage by firing slow moving missiles, and then they used 206 copies of a card called Velen’s Chosen which increases spell damage by 1 by adding an additional missile.

If that’s not enough, they also filled the board with seven copies of a minion called Prophet Velen that doubles spell damage, doubling the 209 missiles the Arcane Missiles card would have been firing seven times, causing each card to now shoot not three, but 26,752 missiles. AT ONE TIME…. for 40 hours.

Now play all 9 cards at one time and it triggers an epic video game meltdown of approximately 240,000 missiles and the turn will end.

Looking at the twitch cam, seems like they’re SLEEPING right now. Or developing their hearthstone strategy guide showing you the ins and outs of manipulating the game? LOL.

UPDATE: Somewhere around 6-7pm it crashed / froze. Notice is up on the channel and it’ll be back up in the morning at 9AM (+1 GMT)

UPDATE 2 (TUESDAY AM): They’ve been back in business for a while now churning right along. Stream is up and running. Hearthstone madness continues.

Also from Mamytwink the genius behind this record setting attempt here is a picture of the Hearthstone MATH relating to this epic feat.


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