Terry Crews vs Mike Tyson – The greatest battle ever!

LL Cool J hosts the hottest new show on Spike called Lip Sync Battle. What makes it special is that he’s using his celebrity pull to get top shelf names to come perform and battle it out.

Terry Crews vs Mike Tyson is about to go down!

Remember Terry in White Chicks? Sure you do. He stole the scene every time he was on camera. If you haven’t seen that movie by some chance I’m not sure why you are not running to your TV to watch it on-demand.

He did a hilarious scene singing “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton. No, I don’t have a fucking clue who that is other than the girlie song he sings in White Chicks. Well, HE DID IT AGAIN.

Mike Tyson will not be outdone so he pulls on the tightest spandex pants known to mankind and hits the stage doing the Salt-N-Pepa classic “Push It.

Who wins Terry Crews vs Mike Tyson? Ya gotta watch Lip Sync Battle on Spike TV to find out! But check out this video to amp you up on this epic battle of the ages.