WWE Xtreme Rules 2015 PPV Recap / Play by Play

Here we go for WWE Xtreme Rules 2015. What a card tonight. We have a Steel Cage match for the WWE title and they’re bringing back the old “Russian Chain Match” that I remember from the late 70s / early 80s. It’s one of my favorite wwe match types. Let’s see how they handle this in the PG era.

WWE Xtreme Rules 2015 is about to begin

Pre-show: A typical snoozefest hosted by Renee Young. I can’t blame her it’s corporate wanting to push a million videos and promo packages.

Neville vs Bad News Barrett

Give it up to Bad News. He not only put on a hell of a match with Neville, a rising star in the WWE; but he did it in believable fashion. Not your typical “hey pin me and get it over” type of loss. They WORKED IT to the bone.

Great match and Neville is proving he can work with larger WWE Superstars and make it believable. Maybe moreso than some of the other undersized talent since he brings a Mysterio-like speed with much greater size.


nevillevsbarrettLike a young / smaller RVD in many ways, innovating his moveset to wow the crowd.

BTW cutting to a promo mid-match on a PPV? Even on a pre-show is absolutely LAME and they really need to stop this crap. It’s not an episode of Monday Night RAW, it’s WWE Xtreme Rules let’s act like it WWE.

Winner: Neville in a kick ass match.

Dean Ambrose vs Luke Harper

This should be a good one. Battle for who gets to keep the t-shirt and jeans look perhaps?

They immediately go at it outside the ring before the bell begins. The Chicago Street Fight rules = No DQ, Pin or submit inside of the ring. Ambrose goes for some weapons early with the Kendo stick. Harper takes control and gives it right back to Dean with the same Kendo stick.


Crowd is hot for both guys. I think the crowd knows they both put it out on the line to put on a good show. Dean hits a huge elbow off the top rope on a standing Harper. Good shit! Harper counters a few moves, then Ambrose counters a few of his own ending in a crazy clothesline spin from the apron. They’re not heading backstage towards the locker room area.

Luke Harper jumps in a car and is trying to drive away and he does with Ambrose jumping through the window. What the hell is going on here?!??! This is awesome! There are no countouts so this match might continue later on in the program. Epic. I really love this.

Winner: TBD

** CM Punk chants erupting after that ending, fans are pissed but it was great television. **

Triple H tells Kane to go find those 2 crazy sons of bitches, Harper and Ambrose. Rollins comes in, stare down with Kane. Seth bitching and moaning and complaining to Kane about his actions from Smackdown. Kane calls him out. Triple H plays mediator role.

Kane leaves saying he assumes them both he will do, “What’s best for business.”

Kiss me Arse match is up now. They push #KissMeArse

Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus

Starting the match off with a stare down and ironically Sheamus is now a bully character. Will he still do the ‘Be A Star’ work as a villain?

Dolph gives it to the Celtic Bore and they take it outside.

They go on and on, Sheamus takes a dominant position in the match after a few minutes of his usual punch and kick routine. Seriously, this guy bores me to death. Poor Dolph saddled working with this guy.

Crowd is hot for Ziggler as he makes a comeback until hit with an axe handle smash. He perseveres a submission attempt and gets out of it and delivers a Superkick. Count of 2. Sheamus gets a few moves in and goes for a pin attempt. Weird suplex / throw move. He puts his arms out and crowd boos him.

They exchange pinfall attempts and Ziggler gets Sheamus in a small package and picks up the win. He has to kiss Dolphs ARSE now let’s see what happens.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Sheamus goes outside of the ring complaining it’s not 3 and to ring the bell. Ref says “you lost come in and kiss his ass.” Sheamus goes to leave through the audience. Shocker, he is a poor sport. Don’t make a match you don’t want to commit to fella.

Sheamus-Extreme-Rules-2015PUCKER UP chant erupts in Chicago while Dolph motions to pulling the back of his trunks down. Sheamus keeps bitching, even goes to a knee. Dolph working the crowd like a boss. We’re going on 5 minutes of post match bullshit now.

Ziggler keeps telling him “You wanted this.” lol. Sheamus nut shots Dolph to a booing crowd and Brogue kicks him. Sheamus is laughing, crown absolutely hates this talentless windbag. “Are you not entertained.” No fella, when you are on TV we are NOT entertained. He grabs mic, berates Ziggler and home town. Forces Dolph to kiss his ass.

LOSER: Sheamus. Always. Biggest bore of a Superstar ever.

Commercials for WWE Network programs now playing. Pee break people. Make it happen. It’s the official WWE Xtreme Rules break time!

New Day vs Kidd and Cesaro (c) for the Tag Team Titles

Let’s get ready to take a nap people. The New Day is here and they suck. Crowd booing them and giving thumbs down with New Day Sucks chants.

Decent tag team match, featured the champs well.

Towards the end Cesaro makes a HUGE save for his partner to a hot crowd wanting them to pickup the win. Kidd catches a kick from Kofi and locks in the Sharpshooter in the center of the ring. Big E comes in for a save.

Cesaro is tagged in and goes for the Cesaro swing to a sudden stop from Kidd. Woods on the apron and Natalia gives him a fistful. Kofi grabs Cesaro from behind during all the commotion and rolls him up for the 1-2-3. New Day won? WHY? Oh god we have to see these assholes on TV more now. FML.

Winner and new champions: The New Day

New Day promo and a car crashes into the building. It’s Harper and Ambrose returning. Dean is driving now?!? LOL love it. Ambrose jumps off the SUV and through New Day. The Chicago Street Fight is back on. Thank sweet tiny baby Jesus!! WWE Xtreme Rules is back on track.

Ambrose vs Harper part 2

Crowd cheers for Harper coming out and Ambrose comes out of nowhere, they’re heading back to the ring. This match is back on. Give it up to these two guys they are so far the highlight of the show and the crowd loves them. It’s the only real Extreme part of the program .

They’re both throwing chairs into the ring, easily a dozen plus in the ring now and they go at it. Harper powerbombs Ambrose on a chair. 2 count and a kickout by Dean. Harper shaking his head. Crowd chanting “We want tables.”

Harper stacking 8-10 chairs on top of Ambrose laying down and he goes to the top rope. Dean gets out and rips Harper off the ropes the hard way. Dirty Deeds on a pile of chairs and he gets the 1-2-3.

Winner: Dean Ambrose


Big promo package for Rusev vs Cena’s Russian Chain Match.

Rusev vs John Cena (c) for the United States Championship

John Cena Sucks chants and signs while he hits the ring. Clearly Chi-town isn’t his town. Let the #RussianChainMatch begin!

Both men get the cuff strapped on to their left wrists and here we go. Starting off with a tug of war. Lights are on the 4 corners and you have to touch all 4 corners to get the win. Both go for a quick win with no luck, ref waving it off.

Fun fact for ya: This is the first televised Russian Chain Match by the WWE.

RussianChainMatchRusev has early control and makes a few failed attempts to touch the corners. Rusev showing his experience in these matches as the Champion of the Russian Federation.

Cena makes an attempt to win and Rusev counters. Ref waves it off. Great match so far, sure it’s not the gorefest of the 70s or 80s but for the era we are in they are doing a good job so far. I’m not for or against Cena like many so I judge each match as their own.

Great ring positioning by both Superstars. Rusev climbs the ropes but Cena pulls the chain and he topples off and down onto the mat and the chain. Cena making the start of a comeback and getting some control after a few minutes of Rusev doing well.

They go back and forth until Rusev gets a few moves in. Goes for the Accolade but Cena baited him in and he gets the STF on. Cena taps 3 corners but Rusev rolls out just in time before the 4th is touched. Another AA failed attempt. Rusev with a quick kick and puts on the Accolade. Cena gets to his feet with Rusev clinging to his back.

He backed Rusev into 2 corners with no idea and almost lost the match. Cena pulls him back and nails him with an AA. USA chant starts to erupt from the crowd.

Both tap 3 corners, 1 remains. They spin around with the chain, Rusev bolts for the corner and Cena spins him on the chain into an AA and gets the 4th corner.

Winner: John Cena

US flag drops from behind the ring a la Rusev style. Crowd was pretty happy for the match overall.


Commercials for soda. Roman Reigns short promo with Renee Young. Now to the next match for the Divas Championship.

Nikki Bella (c) vs Naomi for the Divas Title

nikkibellaNaomi comes in confident to start the match but Nikki takes early control. They go back and forth some, Brie outside cheer leading for her sister.

Back and forth for 5-10 minutes with the highlight being Naomi’s shoes changing colors throughout the match.

Naomi hits some form of a finisher but Nikki kicks out at 2. Naomi misses an RVD classic move, the split leg moonsault. Props to her for even pulling that move. Nikki misses a Rack Attack and Naomi counters with a move of her own and almost gets the pinfall. Nikki fights back. Another near fall.

Brie with a kick to the face from the outside. Rack Attack. BOOM. Nikki 1-2-3 and retains her title.

Winner: Nikki Bella


Rusev backstage screaming in Russian to Lana and sends her away very upset looking. She knocks on the door of.. The Authority!

Promo package for Roman Reigns and The Big Show. This should be a real treat. LOL. Sense my sarcasm? If not you can believe.. that. UGH. Poor Roman this is a waste of a PPV and feud for him I believe but hey let’s see what happens. I’m willing to be open and hope for a killer match.

Big Show vs Roman Reigns in a Last Man Standing Match

Unless they plan on a reunion of The Shield at some point they have to get Roman new ring gear, music, and come out from the tunnel already. Enough is enough man!

Big Show with the early control. You Sold Out chants directed to the Big Show. Roman fights back and pulls out a table and slides it in the ring. Big Show puts the table away. LOL that schmuck.

More battling outside ends with Show in the ring breaking a Kendo Stick over his knee proclaiming to the crowd, “I’m a Giant” but nobody cares and the crowd is getting pretty bored. It’s that mashup of random audience chants none breaking through. Sure not hearing any “This is Awesome” chants because it’s a very typical match with the Big Show.

Roman beating down Show with a chair for a half dozen smashes and then a DDT onto the chair. Show gets up before 10 and Roman brings 2 tables into the ring. Show baits him, KNOCKOUT PUNCH. Roman squirming around at the 5 count. He gets up by the end of the 8 count.

A couple moves here and there, Roman gets a Samoan Drop on Big Show through a table. Roman up at 7, Show rolls out of the ring around 8-9 and is standing so we continue onward.

Show SPEARS Reigns. BOO-YAH (his words.) Roman up at 8. Big Show continues his attack.  Goes to the second rope and splashes on Roman Reigns. Now Show starts to go to the top rope. Roman knocks his legs out and goes outside of the ring to setup two tables on the floor. He tries to suplex Show off the top rope to outside? Show throws him away. Roman runs back and bodyslams him off the top down to the mat. Superman punch. Show shakes it off and chokeslams him outside of the ring and through the 2 tables!!! Somehow Reigns gets back up before the 10 count just to fall back down for another count to begin.

Crowd starting to pick up for the match. We started off slow but credit to both Superstars they are keeping the match building towards a conclusion of some sorts and the crowd is starting to get into it.

Show is mocking Roman and lunges and misses. He drives himself head first through a table. Both men down. Double count is on. Reigns with a spear. Both back down. Crowd booing. You guys better end this before you lose the audience.

Reigns2They’re both outside of the ring, Roman runs around the ring full speed spear through the barricade after what had to be a solid 40 yard dash into the Big Show.

Show grabs Romans neck for a choke slam. Reigns fights his way out of it but Show is standing on the announcers table still. Roman Reigns runs full speed and up on the table for a huge spear through the second announcers table. “Holy Shit” chants erupts for the first time in the match. Roman picks up and FLIPS the announce table to bury the Big Show under the announce table and the count begins.

Roman standing on the table to add weight counting along with the ref.

Winner: Roman Reigns is your Last Man Standing.


Some WWE commercials and we go to Randy Orton talking to Kane about how he is being used and taken advantage of. Orton tells him, “I know who you are Kane, even if you have forgotten.”

Announcers carnage shown they have nowhere left to announce from other than chairs and headsets. LOL what a mess!

Tough Enough promo now comes on. This is one part legit entry and one part American Idol fail reel material. What a mess.

Bo Dallas comes out to a moderately happy crowd. Talks Chicago and the Second City. “That doesn’t make any sense to me because Chicago is #1.

..at not showing before coming to the arena.

and he goes on, great heel promo. All you have to do is Bo… FEED ME MORE.

Bo Dallas vs Ryback – Wake up, It’s feeding time Chicago

Interesting Bo grows the chin scruff and the recent Bray Wyatt (his brother) promos that seemingly are targetting Ryback.

Crowd loving Ryback and cheering him along. This is a short match. Tony Robbins just got Shellshocked. Feed Me More chant keeps erupting.

Oh wait, it’s not even a match the bell never rung.

Winner: The fans


Another WWE commercial, same one as before for the network and their new shows they plan on having. Cole promos the WWE Network.

We come back to Rusev yelling and screaming. Lana walks in, “It is done. The final chapter of Rusev vs Cena is done, it will be an I QUIT match.

Focus on the Steel Cage as it now lowers to the ground. Randy Orton chose the Steel Cage and Seth Rolling chose NO-RKO in the match.

Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins (c) for the WWE Title

Seth and Randy go at it with some back and forth. Rollins always trying to use quickness to climb out of the cage.

Pretty standard Steel Cage match to start. Back and forth with Rollins running his mouth as expected. Battling on the side of the cage halfway on standing on the top rope. Rollins goes for a pin and gets a 2 count. We’re starting to heat up people let’s get to it!

Seth going for the top of the cage and it on the top beam, Randy is in pursuit. Both now on top of the
cage slugging it out blow for blow. Rollins leaps off the top rope at Orton but gets caught in a powerslam. 2 count for The Viper. Crowd starting a Randy Orton chant.

Rollins snaps off a viscous kick but does not get the pin, another 2 count. Rollins is looking up once again to climb out of the cage. He bounces off the top rope to the rafters and Orton climbs up fast and grabs Seth Rollins by his hair/head and pulls him back in. Superplex from the top of the cage / top rope. 1-2-Rollins gets his shoulder up.

J&J Security tells Kane “It’s time, lets do it.” and Kane tells them to get away. They go to climb the cage and Orton uses Rollins like a battering ram on the cage to knock the two jerkies off the cage.

Rollins trying to escape again climbing the cage. Orton stop him. Stares down Kane by the door but goes back to DDT Rollins off the top rope. Randy Orton playing to the crowd and they are eating it up, they love The Viper big time in Chicago. He goes for his finished but wait he cant. NO NO NO. He hits Rollins with a PEDIGREE, HHH’s finisher. Rollins kicks out. Now that’s a message loud and clear to the Authority and the insanely hot Chi-town crowd erupts in a YES chant.

Randy goes for the punt kick and Rollins just ducks out of the way and catches Orton with a head kick. Rollinscrawling to the open cage door but Orton grabs him and hits him with a back breaker. He goes to the door and Kane closes it. Rollins comes in flying with a kick and he nails Kane, the Gatekeeper is down. Orton grabs him just in time and Kane slams the gate on both Superstars and starts removing his jacket and tie furious. J&J follow behind. Kane is standing over Rollins with J&J bossing him around. Double chokeslam to J&J Security!!!

KANE HAS EXPLODED. Crowd chanting YES YES YES for Kane.

He turns to Orton instead and hits him with a chokeslam and Seth Rollins is crawling to the door. NO. Kane grabs his legs, pulls him to his feet. BOOM. Chokeslam!!!

This has jumped the shark people. Kane is running wild. Now he puts Rollins arm over Orton but he kicks out. Kane standing by the door looking angry as hell. Stalking Randy but Orton gets loose and BOOM RKO TO KANE. Rollins out of nowhere RKO’d Randy Orton and escapes out of the cage. Beat him with his own finisher.RollinsWins

Winner: Seth Rollins

It’s pretty obvious Seth Rollins is rolling strong and not giving up the WWE Championship anytime soon. Up next, WWE RAW for the fallout show.