James Hetfield of Metallica playing Adele song

We can file this one in the “shit i never thought I’d say” category but it happened.

During the 2015 Acoustic-4-A-Cure show in San Francisco James Hetfield had his daughter Cali Hatfield come out to perform the Adele song, “Crazy For You.” You heard it here kids (and yeah I never in a million years thought I would make a post like this.)

Metallica playing Adele, just not like you would have expected.

Well no, you never expected it anyways!

“James Hetfield of Metallica playing Adele” never thought I’d say THAT!

It may not be Master of Puppets on the youtube Metallica channel but you can see the beaming smile on the James face and that is worth more than any album or tour could ever provide.

These are the moment that make being famous totally worth it and was fantastic to watch, even if I’m not a fan of the music choice. Truth be told, Cali fucking NAILED IT.

Some things in life are not about record sales, filling arenas, or hocking t-shirts. In this video, it’s all about one thing. FAMILY. ‘tallica for the slaying victory in the family realm.

Good job kid, you nailed it!