Sometimes Apple’s are Rotten, to the Core (or Logic Board)

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So you may have seen my at the time very happy post about Apple Support. That has since dramatically changed over the past 2 weeks of what has been utter HELL dealing with the local Apple Retail store in Huntington, NY (Walt Whitman Mall.)

While my initial support with the Tech guy Dave from Engineering was spot on, the moment I brought my computer to the local store it all went to shit. Between retail dropping the ball over and over, and Apple Care outright lying to me on the phone this has been an exceptional experience to say the least. Exceptionally bad.

Apple Support has been a nightmare of back and forth

TLDR version: Computer broke. Tech support tried to help. Said bring to store. Store sucks in a major way and lies repeatedly. Corporate steps in. Get computer back fixed.

After numerous times being given the runaround which ended 10 days from my drop-off being told “it needs more repairs now and you have to wait a few more days” I lost it and contacted Apple Corporate. I tried to be nice. I don’t want to be “that guy.” But like they said in the original Batman, “You can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs.”  I find all the emails I can for the top level brass at Apple and try to guess a few. Operations Exec John Williams I guessed correctly with and this was forwarded down the line to be taken care of.

Here’s the rundown of my experience that I sent out to Apple Corporate:

APRIL 9TH – Posted Support Ticket on Apple Community Forums after 2-3 days of a broken computer. Link to post: – Tried many solutions only shutting off the video card and running solely on the integrated graphics worked. But I was able to work.

APRIL 17TH – Called Apple Support – They had me reformat and we re-installed Yosemite, no luck I’m still without an ability to work reliably.

APRIL 17TH – Approx 1-2 hours after I called support, Engineering “saw my post on the forums” and wanted to talk further and gather data. After 1 hour on phone failing to collect data, I’mrequested to bring machine to a retail location because they can’t help over phone. I comply and rush out to Walt Whitman store hoping to get it signed in ASAP to order whatever parts they need. 6970M video card recall was cited to me as
potential issue.

APRIL 17TH 2:30PM GENIUS BAR APPOINTMENT – Apple Tech diags and determines it IS video card. Has me sign the intake form in-store stating $0 cost and 3-5 day turnaround time to fix. Sounds good, I leave store thankful for what has so far been a pleasant enough experience so far.Time passes… 5 days to be exact.

APRIL 22ND – After never hearing back from Apple Store re: the fix I call the store. Speak to someone “from support” who said they should have it fixed “By Thursday maybe, Friday at the latest” – I asked why nobody
ever contacted me, or emailed me. A few minutes later the original form I signed on the 17th shows up in my email dated April 22nd and no answer given to me as to why the date has been post-dated by 5 days as if I had
never rushed to the store on the 17th. He said they had not even opened the machine at this time.

2 more days pass with no contact yet again from the store.

APRIL 24TH – I call since nobody calls me. Now they stated it will not be ready “until tomorrow” and brush me off as if I’m the problem asking for a status update about the computer. I need to WORK not beg for my computer. Very annoyed at this point but with my computer held hostage in the retail store what can I really do?

APRIL 25TH – I’m at the Mall where the Apple store is located with my family. I stop into the store and ask for update. I’m told enthusiastically, “It is on the bench right now being worked on.” I say I’ll be back in 1.5 hours after shopping with family. 1.5 hours or so later I return and now am being told “They have a problem with the SIM (or SD don’t remember) Card” and they are unable to provide me with the machine.

APRIL 26TH – I call at 1pm to find out status and if I can pick up today. I’m nochalantly told on the phone, “Justin in repair said your computer needs a new logic board after 2 failed video card installations and you won’t have it back for a few more days.” I hang up frustrated. How did they order 2 video cards so fast when it took almost a week to check the product in? Suspicious information at best.At this point as one would imagine I’m livid. Between a fraudulent date of taking the computer in, to ZERO contact ever established by the store to me, and then when I go there or call I’m constantly told to just be patient and wait for them to figure things out. How many weeks can this possibly go on for?Later this same Sunday… (yesterday)APRIL 26TH 2PM – I call Apple Care support. Go to what I’m told is a Senior level support agent, Theresa. I tell her my situation to date. She promises to call the Walt Whitman store to secure me a loaner machine, and
to call engineering to get to the bottom of this. Also asked me if I had 2 repairs. I said no and asked why. She said the original intake on the 17th was CANCELLED and re-opened on the 22nd. Promises to send me an email with her contact details and an update “within the hour.” I would never hear from her again. (It’s Monday as I write this and still never received an e-mail from her.)

APRIL 26TH 4PM – After never hearing back from Theresa (shocker I know) I call Apple Care support again, and speak to TJ. He says that Theresa put NO NOTES ON MY FILE and seemingly did nothing in regards to my issue. Dropped the ball 100% – TJ contacts Walt Whitman about loaner, they outright say NO. I request to speak with Store Manager, TJ connects me to “Steve” who represents himself as the Store Manager of the Walt Whitman location. He argues back and forth with me like a teenager. I explained I need to work to provide for my family and this machines extended downtime is crippling that. I’m essentially told too bad and that “YOU WILL NOT LEAVE HERE WITH A LOANER OR ANOTHER COMPUTER IN ANY WAY UNTIL YOURS IS FIXED.” I request to speak to his supervisor and he tells me “That won’t do you any good.” and refuses to connect me or tell me who that person is. I let him know this is going in circles since he would just assume go tit for tat all day on the phone with me and end the phone call.Disappointed in my experience to say the least. Currently I’ve been told about yet another repair (sounds like they broke my machine while in service) and supposedly in 2 more business days I’ll have my machine back
(end of Tuesday 4/28).

The Next Day….

A friendly exec from Apple’s Executive Relations Department called me and left a voicemail on how to reach her. A little while later we chat and I discuss my concerns and how frustrated I am by this experience. She understands and wants to make sure we get to a conclusion ASAP.

All the credit in the world to her for making sure this case is resolved and to my satisfaction. Without this executive step-in on the process I would probably never purchase another Apple product again. Stepping up on a corporate level is a big deal and shows as a brand they care. I’m not a big enough fish in the sales pond to be doing this for the $$$ because I’m not buying enough product as a home / small business consumer.

She calls the store, calls me, etc. Bottom line, 2 days later the part is in (now we’re fixing a Logic Board after 2 broken video cards allegedly) and they call me around 5:30pm Tuesday night to pick the machine up. I pick it up from one of the techs at the store, bring it home, and here we are 2 days later fully operational after hours upon hours of backup restorations, reinstalls, etc.

Did I learn from this experience? Sure.
#1 – Use Time Machine for better backups (using it now)
#2 – When they pass the 3-5 day window, call corporate. Don’t wait.
#3 – Sometimes you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette.

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Steve Lichtman Administrator
Puppet Builder , FleeceHEAD
I’m a fleece and fur flying, video game playing, metal loving, princess party having, man of many talents. Living just outside of NYC on the Island of Long. Enjoy your life! No matter how many times people shake their head, always remain true to yourself.
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