Vin Diesel Breakdancing Like You Have NEVER Seen Before!

This is just absolutely epic. A young Vin Diesel getting down on funky on the breakdance mats back in the day. Look at the moves, the flow, the hard kick to the nuts at the :51 mark while his partner does the worm under his open legs. This has absolutely everything you need to make sure the Fast & Furious 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-infinity star remains grounded. Roots son! You got em and they are awecome!

Vin Diesel Breakdancing – That phrase needs to be said once a month to keep your sanity!

He also had something many are not used to seeing on VD. HAIR! Look at his beautiful locks in all of their glory because chances are you’re not going to see them in the next F&F installment unless they do a 70s/80s flashback movie.