WWE Payback 2015 PPV Play By Play Recap

….and here we go people, WWE Payback 2015 is upon us and I’m going to give my usual rundown of the event. I’m not big on the kickoff show but I will be watching the pre-show match because it features one of my favorites, Damien Sandow!

R-Truth comes out doing his What’s up deal. I like him the best like this. He’s a happy positive guy and I think he makes the crowd happy and gets his biggest pops like this.

R-Truth vs Stardust

Crowd is more into the antics of R-Truth but the match itself is pretty ho-hum. Cody err I mean Stardust had control for a long time and then R-Truth makes a comeback and gets a fast pin and starts dancing again.

Winner: R-Truth

The Ascension vs MEGA POWERS

Here we go people, the match of the night is upon us! At least if you are a Damien Sandow fan like I am 🙂

The Ascension comes to the ring looking like a cheap knock off of the Road Warriors, crowd cares not a toss about them.

Macho Mandows music hits and the crowd ERUPTS!!! Here comes an amazing tribute.. oh no WHAT IS THIS!! Hogan’s music hits and Axlemania is running wild. Axle has a fake goatee and wig on and it’s fucking hilarious.

Curtis goes into full 80s Hogan mode aka wrestling in slow motion and it’s amazing. Now the Ascension works Axlemania over in their corner. Are the Mega Powers in trouble?!?

Big tag to Macho Mandow.. Ohhh yeah!!! He’s destroying the smaller Ascension member, slams in the middle of the ring and gets knocked off the top rope before going for the elbow finisher.

UGH Ascension hits Fall of Man finisher and wins. Crowd is pissed. Match ended too quickly, and this doesn’t establish those two Road Warrior shitheads one bit. BOOOOOOOOOOO. We’re not getting a mega powers handshake it seems.

Winner: The Ascension

Onto the official Payback 2015 event people. Kickoff was pretty good, 100% pure entertainment. Let’s see how they carry the rest of the night.

Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler

I’m not going to lie, Sheamus absolutely bores me to death and I hope he loses and kisses Dolph’s ass already. He’s just lacking a villainous charisma so I don’t get him being the bad guy.

Sheamus takes early control of the match punishing Ziggler. Are you not entertained…. No Sheamus, you don’t entertain me. Ziegler makes a big comeback, ducks a brogue kick, and gets a 2.9 count. So close. Sheamus with some power moves and a Cloverleaf but Ziggler grabs the ropes and gets away.

Ziggler is bleeding something must have busted him open. He hits a super kick but the Celtic Boredom kicks out. Brogue kick to a bloodied Ziggler and he gets the win.

Winner: Sheamus

The New Day vs Cesaro and Kidd

This is another one where I just don’t care. New Day Sucks chants are exactly how I feel except I don’t even care enough to chant it. Let’s see Cesaro swing these jerkies into outer space already and get their titles back. 2 out of 3 falls match here we go.

Cesaro dominates New Day early on and then a little back and forth. Crowd is totally behind Kidd and Cesaro and so am I. I’m a fan of anything Cesaro, the Swiss Superman is a straight up awesome talent and him being on every week is nothing but a good thing for WWE programming. Sudden stop after a Big Swing and they pick up fall 1.

Tyson Kidd makes a mockery of the New Day until Big E catches him outside the ring with a crushing suplex.  New Day works Tyson Kidd and they pick up fall 2.

So now we are tied up with 1 fall to go and Cesaro still reeling on the outside of the ring from a huge spear by Big E on the apron and through to the outside earlier.

The crowd starts getting behind Tyson Kidd who has been working the past 5-10 minutes holding his own. Cesaro finally makes it to the apron and comes into the ring on fire. Uppercut parade by Cesaro! Running uppercut to Kofi and he barely kicks out before the 3 count. Fantastic tag team work by Kidd and Cesaro but Kofi kicks out again just before the 3. Crowd is behind the match now with a solid This is Awesome chant. Sharpshooter applied by Kidd!

Another killer tag team move ending with a huge Cesaro uppercut but no pinball attempt. During some confusion Xavier Woods sneaks in and gets a roll-up pin on Cesaro even though he is NOT in the match.

Winner: The New Day

Bray Wyatt vs Ryback

I’m moderately excited for this one, maybe more for Ryback than Bray but that’s only because they’ve really dropped the ball on Bray the past 4-6 months. Ryback on the other hand has improved since his injury time off both on the mic and in the ring for the non-squash matches. Let’s see what happens here I’m open to being entertained.

Back and forth match to start with guy getting some work in on the other. This is one hell of a collision match with these two guys. Bray the bulk and Ryback is just a specimen of human body development. Crowd is into both guys so far.

Bray does a back splash from the apron to the outside, jesus. Ryback delivers a frog splash off the top rope HOLY SHIT!!!!! These guys are making quick work of each other with power moves. Rebuke goes for a Shellshocked, Bray gets out and hammers him int the canvas for the 1-2-3 with Sister Abigail.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Rusev vs John Cena

Here we go. Match 3. The rubber match and an I QUIT match. Lana leads Rusev to the ring. With all their internal drama going on will she be a factor tonight? Super Cena’s music hits and we’re ready for a US Title defense.

These guys for what it’s worth are putting together a quality string of matches that have improved over the months. They work well together and this solidifies Rusev to me as a top player in the WWE. Russell is spending too much time screwing with Lana and his flag. Crowd erupts into USA chants.

Cena asked to quit. NO. Again Rusev asks with mic. NO. Cena throws the steps from the ring to the outside and missed Rusev. They take it to the outside. Asking Rusev if he wants to quit. No. Cena being ‘good guy cena’ like always asking again before putting him through the barricade outside. Cena is working Rusev and he will not quit after going through unbelievable pain and suffering at the hands of the US Champ.

It’s up at the top of the ramp now and Cena is beating Rusev like a dog and he just won’t quit. Russell reversed a move and suplexs Cena through the guardrail bending it in the process. Now Rusev looks on the Accolade. John Cena stands him up and is eventually loose. Russell removes the top turnbuckle and the ropes drop. He’s holding the turnbuckle BOLT and is ready to assault Cena. Missed. STF with the top rope. Lana is ringside now after sitting for almost ever. She freaks out and come into the ring grabbing the mic, “HE QUITS HE QUITS” Rusev will not be happy about this.

Lana is pouting. USA flag drops while Lana attends to Rusev in the ring. Fantastic match put on by both guys. Rusev gives Lana the stink eye and they cut to the announcers.

Winner: John Cena

Bellas vs Naomi and Tamina

WWE Divas just are not on the TNA Knockouts level. That’s real talk for ya kids. Naomi hits a rear view with a distraction from Tamina. Nikki pulled off the top rope and 1-2-3 loses.

Winner: Naomi and Tamina Snuka


King Barrett vs Neville

Sorry this one was too enjoyable. No computer. Suffice to say this pairing is absolutely fantastic and I hope to see many matches between them in the next 5-10 years if not longer. They both work fantastic in the ring together and tell a believable story in the ring.

King Barrett has always been enjoyable for me and Neville is in a world of his own. He has some of the greatest high flyer skills of all time IMO and I’m happy to see them being showcased on a WWE PPV late in the show.

Winner: Neville by Countout and he doesn’t want his hand raised that way.

After the match King Barrett come in and attacks him from behind. Outside the ring beatdown and then he puts on his crown, scepter and robe. NO WAY!! Neville came back into the ring and gets some sweet revenge. You can’t keep the kid down!


FATAL 4-WAY MATCH for the World Heavyweight Title

Dean Ambrose vs Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton vs Champion Seth Rollins

Here we go, the Main Event for Payback 2015. Will it deliver up to the hype? Will there be a reunion of The Shield? Hell anything can happen in the WWE right? Let’s see where this story takes us. Kane surely will be involved.

Early fighting among them all eventually leading to The Shield in the ring and Rollins getting the beat down he deserves. Kane and J&J keeping Orton out of the ring. They’re doing everything possible here to keep Seth Rollins with that title around his waist so far.

Kane has no shirt on anymore and is 100% involved in the match helping Rollins every chance he gets.

Roman and Dean keep working together and eventually are the 2 left standing. They’re about to get in the ring and get it on. The fans are totally into this right now. They take it to each other. Roman assaulted outside the ring by everyone. Dean and Seth in the ring now. Roman back in. Dirty Deeds on Rollins. Kane saves the pinfall.

Rollins after a bunch of exchanges pulls out the 1-2-3

Winnerand still holding the WWE Championship: Seth Rollins

There you have it, the results of Payback 2015.

Great PPV overall, I’m glad I watched it. Interesting to see what tonights WWE RAW will bring.