A Straight Guy’s Take On Caitlyn (formerly Bruce) Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner Vanity FairIn case you haven’t heard Bruce Jenner is now officially Caitlyn Jenner. His transition from male to female is now complete. Now SHE can live the rest of her life however she likes. Check out this Vanity Fair cover that put the internet on hold yesterday while everyone and their mother checked it out for the very first time.

I’m not a god warrior, a left wing liberal, or a right wing conservative. Identifying myself as any one political or religious “type” has always been something I personally find bizarre.

The religious side I get it. You’re a bunch of kooks who read an outdated manuscript and take it as being real. If that’s your thing great, but would your God not want you to love and support every person even if it’s not what you believe in? Because if your religion wants you to vilify someone for being different… well then.. your religion sucks.

Registered as: Undeclared because at 18 years old when filling out the paperwork at the local post office who was I to know better about what side of a fence I should stand on. Or if I even wanted to be NEAR the fence of either side. Let alone it being the pre-internet era and our knowledge levels of news and topics were much lower then than it is today. Sure I had more knowledge than most being a BBS’er and getting news from around the country and world much sooner with FidoNet, but it still wasn’t the up-to-the-second world we live in today.

The History of Bruce Jenner As A Straight Kid Of The 70s/80s

Bruce Jenner as a kid? He was an OLYMPIC FUCKING HERO. I remember going to my Dads office at IBM in Manhattan (NYC for those oblivious lol) and playing Decathlon on a PC XT with the green or amber screen and it was basically an 8bit / Pixel Art game where Bruce Jenner was the hero. It was epic, he led by example, he led by being VICTORIOUS!

He was on EVERYTHING. From TV to the Wheaties box. Bruce Jenner is a hero to the people of the USA. For me and anyone of sound mind, that should not change.

Bruce-Jenner-as-woman-Caitlyn-Jenner-photosFast Forward To 2015 And Caitlyn Jenner Has Arrived

Is the Jenner winning way no different today? She is winning at life and after a long struggle with herself and has finally found that intestinal fortitude of athletic legend and applied it to her personal life. I couldn’t be happier for her.

I’ve known gay men and women, cross dressers, and transgender people in my lifetime. You know what I call them instead of throwing labels around with reckless abandon? FRIENDS

That’s what it’s really about right? Making connections and building relationships with people in your lifetime. If you are too small brained to accept people how they are then the problem is YOU! Caitlyn Jenner has the support of the people around her. Looking from the explosion on the internet since Monday, she has the support of many many more than those that will try to detract from her.

I’m sure there will be a million meme’s, blog posts, news items, and whatnot in the next few days/weeks/months while the topic is hot and trending. Hopefully there will be more positivity and understanding from people of compassion than Westboro Baptist styled blind rage from the idiot masses hiding behind their keyboards.

How Do You Feel About Caitlyn Jenner?

Let me know in the comments below. All opinions welcome.

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