Flintstones Bedrock City in Arizona on Sale for $2 Million, Brontosaurus Included

Want to own Bedrock City? Yabba Dabba Doo motherfucker! Want to raise your family like The Flintstones? Well now is the chance of a lifetime for you Bedrock City fans just itching to live like it’s a million years ago.

Bedrock City is a theme park and campground in Williams, Arizona, 30 miles south of the Grand Canyon and it’s for sale! Established in 1972, it has a gift shop, restaurant, RV park, and convenience store. 30 acres of total property and the owner is telling people what other great possibilities there are. Like a casino, time-share, outlet mall.

Umm? Hello stupid, It’s f’n BEDROCK CITY!!!!!

Will some eccentric millionaire PLEASE buy and restore this place to all of it’s glory and make it the destination place it needs to be!

The cost? A cool 2 million. Bring a Brontoburger and maybe you can work out a discount!