Moving is a HUGE PITA but it’s finally over

I’ve been gone for a while. We had been selling our home and it was an exhausting task. Unfortunately (for us) we picked a real estate company that just didn’t do their job as well as I had hoped or expected. In the end we showed our house over 110+ times!

Guess who actually “showed” the house 95% of those times? You guessed it, yours truly. Our agent showed it once or twice, and she had an agent lower on the companies totem pole run every Open House, of which we had almost a DOZEN of them to finally get 3 buyers for 10% less than we paid for the house 6 years previous.

Fun times, right? Well at least we’re finally done with this process and can move on with our lives. The new place is fantastic. It’s a little smaller and lacks the storage I once had so many of my puppetry supplies had to be jettisoned, sold, and given away. That’s life. Can’t bitch about it since I knew it was going to happen. I did keep all of my original characters, every single one of them. Even moving wasn’t going to stop that.

Take a look at these garbage piles. 2 separate piles done within days of each other. This was just the shit we threw out! Moving is a bitch when you’re a packrat.

Garbage pile moving garbage piles

Getting to the new house itself was an epic task. The first day of movingĀ I had rented a 24′ uHaul assuming it would be enough. I had enlisted the help of a 16 year old HS Quarterback that was a friend of my wife’s kid. He was an awesome kid and busted his ass for a hard earned days pay.

24′ of uHaul just was not enough. The next morning I was at uHaul when they opened to pick up a 10′ truck. Should be good enough for odds and ends, right?


3 trips with the 10′ uHaul later and we finally had everything moved or put into storage. It was absolutely exhausting. It took 46 hours to do the 3 10′ uHauls SOLO and I was feeling it towards the end, barely conscious. On top of it, we had the house closing that same day so I went from a sweaty mess lifting boxes straight to the lawyers office to close on our old house.

They didn’t want to take possession because we still had “our crap” in it. They did have a point. A piano was left, 3 cats, a gun safe, all of the old paints (I thought I was doing them a FAVOR leaving it behind with with color codes, etc..), and tons of shelving/storage in the basement.

So add another day of 10-12 hours of labor to the mix and I cleared the house out 100% we left NOTHING. Not a single square of toilet paper remained. Zippo. Zilch. Nada. They were happy and we swapped keys.

The moving grind rages onward

Fast forward a few days of moving in, unpacking boxes, getting deliveries of new couches, internet service, learning the new neighborhood (and neighbors) and boom.

Here’s the new view out of the kitchen window. Not bad for Long Island where you are normally looking at the ass of your next door neighbor every time you look out of a window.



So now we’re all moved in, couches arrived 7am this morning. For the first time we will be able to hang out as a family and not be laying on the hardwood floors but on something of actual comfort. Hell I’m not getting any younger, my body needs the rest right about now!