Slow Mo Guys Put a 6′ Man In A 6′ Water Balloon

Gav and Dan from The Slow Mo Guys revisit an absolute classic with a slight twist. Now in 4K! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to cram a 6 foot tall man into a 6 foot water balloon?

Well wait no further! The time is here and it’s all in glorious slow mo and it’s absolutely freakin’ amazing. Cooler than expected how it retained the shape ever so briefly before flooding their work area.

Check out this kick ass video and just be amazed by their insanity in this amazing slow motion 4k video capture!

Watch the Slow Mo Guys

The slow motion technology out now is just awesome so if you haven’t checked these guys out on YouTube before you can do so here: The Slow Mo Guys – Subscribe to them, watch their movies, and enjoy some killer content.