Tour of Alexandria in Project Zomboid from Man Bear Pig Gaming

Survival games are all the rage right now. With H1Z1, Project Zomboid, and countless others you really can spend all day fighting off and serving side by side in battles over the zombie apocalypse. A good way to spend your gaming time if you ask me. Who doesn’t want to kick back, strategize, and then kill 100’s of zombies end over end? Hell, I don’t trust a man/woman who doesn’t want to slaughter zombies with impunity.

Man Bear Pig Gaming has been posting Project Zomboid videos for quite some time now and one of his goals was to build the city of Alexandria in the game. HE DID IT! Mission Accomplished.

Join us on a walk thru of Alexandria in all of it’s glory.

Watch the video for a brief tour of Alexandria in Project Zomboid and tell me what you think. Do you play the game? If not what are you waiting for it’s a lot of fun and plays on virtually any computer. It’s easy to learn, low computer requirements so you can totally play on a laptop or desktop, and the community exists although I have not interacted with them much at this point.