Celebrities Have Become Clickbait Whores

Maybe it’s just me but i’m starting to feel like every 5th background character actor on every 8th rated show is somehow becoming “Social Media Giants” by reposting the same shit you see on Reddit, Viral Nova, and TMZ¬†every day.

Their celebrity clickbait whoring follows the same MO

They jump on the trending bandwagon and pick a few items a day to post about. Then comes the big value-add where they say pretty much nothing and just ask you over and over again, “What do you think fans?” and the idiot masses feed into this garbage like mindless drones.

My only question is this, where’s the value? Are there not enough websites like Distractify and Upworthy already pounding the web and social that we don’t need former “kinda famous” people who are only now known for nostalgic value giving us the social commentary on the news?

I don’t give a fuck about what an extra in TJ Hooker has to say. Do you?